Feature Article: Better Datasheets

by Richard Laurence Baron Weary, weary, weary of spec sheets that look like the Interoperability and Performance Data Sheet shown on the Novell site? Your customers are. I’ve been doing datasheets for more than 30 years. I can tell you there’s ... Read More

January Program Meeting

How to Establish a Web Presence in the Writing Community by Jessica Dickerson, Vice President of Education & Programs We all have times in our careers when we need to promote ourselves as writers. We might be looking for a new job, ... Read More

Letter from the President

Revitalizing Our Chapter by Linda King, STC Houston President Hard as it is to imagine, it is already mid-year, so it's time to begin planning for the future. I'm in search of folks interested and willing to help shape the future direction of our ... Read More

Membership News

Renew Your STC Membership by Linda King, STC Houston President In case you’ve forgotten, annual STC memberships are effective January 1 through December 31 of each year. That means that your membership renewal is due by January 1, 2008. Online ... Read More

October Program Meeting Review

Working with Emotional Intelligence by Debra Page, STC Secretary Stephen J. Blakesley, founder of GMS Talent, LP here in Houston, was our featured presenter for the November chapter meeting. Stephen’s organization helps other companies find, ... Read More

Competition News

Kudos to Writing Competition Judges and Volunteers by Doug Brown, Vice President of Volunteers & Recognition Happy New Year to all, and best wishes for a great 2008! This is the time of year for STC Houston members to get together to ... Read More

Book Review

GUI Bloopers 2.0: Common User Interface Design DON’Ts and DO’s ISBN 1558605827 Jeff Johnson.  2007.  Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.  [ISBN-13: 9780123706430. 576 pages.] Reviewed by David Dick Once upon a time, graphical user interfaces (GUI) ... Read More

Community Service

Resume Assistance and Book Drive by Cathy Bettoney, Vice President of Outreach & Planning Free Service for Students We are offering free résumé assistance to college students. This service can be scheduled at your convenience; right now ... Read More

Volunteer News

Be a Judge and Expand Your Mind; Write and Expand Your Portfolio by Cindy Pao, Technical Writer October and November were busy months for STC Houston volunteers, with competitions and the newsletter bringing in the most volunteers. Thank you ... Read More

HCA Holiday Mixer Update

HCA Holiday Mixer Review by Linda King, STC Houston President The holiday party hosted by the Houston Communication Association (HCA) on November 29 was as big an event as promised. Approximately 800 people attended to power-network, prospect for ... Read More