Message from STC Office and Board Candidate, Garret Romaine

Director-at-Large Candidate by Garret Romaine, STC Board of Directors Candidate Looking to the Future My credentials, experience, and passion for our profession make me an excellent choice as an at-large director on the STC board. This short ... Read More

Message from STC Office and Board Candidate, Suzanne Guess

Director-at-Large Candidate by Suzanne Guess, STC Director-at-Large Candidate Pushing Buttons: Member Value & Service In December, I participated in an STC Board Director Orientation phone call after being nominated as a candidate for ... Read More

Message from STC Office and Board Candidate, Lisa Pappas

Director-at-Large Candidate by Lisa Pappas, Candidate for Director-at-Large STC Leadership Challenge: Reaching Out and Reaching In As a member of STC and the Carolina Chapter for nearly twenty years, I have witnessed dramatic change in our ... Read More

Volunteer News

December and January Volunteers by Cindy Pao, Technical Writer Thank you, December and January volunteers! Richard Laurence Baron Cathy Bettoney Melanie Boston Jan Brantley Doug Brown Robert Delwood Jamie Diamandopoulos David ... Read More

Tech Talk: Search Commands in Microsoft Windows

by Robert Delwood, STC Houston Webmaster Locating text within files has always been a problem. Windows has the search feature, but even in Vista, it has several limitations. It returns only a file list, and the search cannot find only whole words. ... Read More

Letter from Managing Editor

Our First Podcast by Yvonne Wade Sanchez, Managing Editor of Dateline Houston Dateline Houston is now producing podcasts, so if you have an idea for a future podcast, or if you would like to conduct a podcast interview for Dateline Houston, please ... Read More