The Professor

Podcast Interview with Ritu Raju, HCC English Professor Interview by Melanie Walker, Lead Technical Communicator Visit to listen to the podcast interview with Ritu Raju, HCC English Professor, regarding the ... Read More

The Scholarship

Student Scholarship by Linda King, STC President Application deadline: April 15, 2008 Those of us who have been in the technical communications profession for many years likely became technical communicators, not as an initial career goal, but ... Read More

The Student

Graduate School Experience by Ruth Marcom, Graduate Student in the MSPWTC program at UHD Sometime during the winter of 2005, I was lamenting to my husband that I needed something to challenge me and get me out of the daily rut I had carved out ... Read More

The Intern

Moving from Student to Professional by Ashley Wieringa, Technical Communicator My College Journey Comes to a Close It's the Spring of 2007, and I have a few blissful months left in college. I have no idea what I'm going to do after ... Read More

April Program Meeting

Writing in Plain English by Shawn Harris, M.S. in Professional Writing and Technical Communication Shawn Harris will give a presentation about Plain English during the April program meeting. The Plain English approach to writing encourages writers ... Read More

Local Election News

STC Houston Elections for 2008–2009 by Cindy Pao, Technical Writer STC Houston elections for 2008–2009 will be held on Tuesday, April 8, 2008, at the regular Community meeting. STC Houston Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 5, state: "Officers ... Read More

Community Service

Outreach Update by Cathy Bettoney, Vice President of Outreach and Planning If you've been looking for an opportunity to serve the community, check out our wonderful options. Girl Scout Career & Tech Fair Volunteers Needed We are continuing ... Read More

Volunteer News

Renew Your Community Pride by Cindy Pao, Technical Writer The list of community volunteers for February usually includes a few names that are either new or who haven’t been around for a while. I think that working on the banquet is one of the ... Read More

Book Review

Microsoft Word for Medical and Technical Writers ISBN-13: 978-1604024456 Peter G. Aitken PhD and Maxine M. Okazaki PhD Reviewed by Robert Delwood, Senior Programmer Writer The myriad of Microsoft Word books on the market may be a disservice to the ... Read More

Letter From Managing Editor

Don't Miss the Opportunity to Share by Yvonne Wade Sanchez, Managing Editor The newsletter committee is planning to produce one more newsletter this year. The final submission deadline for the 2007–2008 program year is April 15. The articles ... Read More