November 2009 Program Meeting:

The State of STC as the New Decade Dawns Hillary Hart, STC 2nd Vice-President, will present an overview of the state of STC at the closing of this year of financial crisis. She will summarize STC’s current financial position, explain the new 2010 ... Read More

Contextual Misspellings In Microsoft Office 2007

By Robert Delwood Senior Programmer Writer Microsoft Office 2007 introduced a new type of spelling error:  the contextual misspelling. Noted with blue squiggly underlines, these are words that, although are technically spelled correctly, in their ... Read More

New STC Member Benefit: STC Member Logos

From STC News & Notes Nov. 4, 2009 STC has a brand-new member benefit available—a special logo that members can use on resumes, business cards, email signatures, and more to identify themselves as an STC Member, Senior Member, Associate Fellow, ... Read More