Evangelizing for Automation

by Robert Delwood The virtues of automation seem to be above reproach. Everyone agrees that better, faster, or cheaper is good. It is curious, then, that communicators are slow in adopting computer automation. By automation, I am referring mostly ... Read More

An exceptional year

by Rick V. Sanchez STC Houston has always looked toward the future of technical communication. In recent months, I had the privilege of reviewing the content of our storage facility. After reviewing box after box, year after year of stored items, it ... Read More

Four questions that can help you measure the value of your technical communication work

by George Slaughter Last July, I wrote an article for Intercom magazine that discussed measuring the value of technical communication in economic terms. In it, I said there was no single way to uniformly measure the value of one's technical ... Read More

My Thoughts on Dateline Houston

by Jeff Staples I have returned to the role of managing editor for Dateline Houston. And this time, the role brings newness with learning / working with a new format (WordPress) and exposure to a blog environment. Below are some thoughts that ... Read More