Dateline Houston – September 2012 Issue

Here is a summary of stories we talked about this month. See the September 2012 issue of Dateline Houston to access all the posts, or just click on the link below to access a specific post. Useful Legal Documents for Designers The Blame Game ... Read More

The Blame Game of RTFM

I’ve split my career evenly between instructional design and technical writing, and I’ve always believed that my technical writing experience has benefited my instructional design and that my instructional design experience has benefited my technical ... Read More

Win a Free 2013 STC Membership

Recruit someone to TRYOUT an STC membership by September 15, 2012 and you could win a free 2013 STC membership. ... Read More

10 Ways to Repurpose Your Business Content

In her article titled 10 ways to repurpose Your Business Content, Angela Stringfellow describes clever ways to reuse business content. I especially like #5 “Revisit History.” I love it when the manager of a development group takes the time to share ... Read More

3 Ways to Optimize Your Content Strategy

Barb Mosher, in her article titled 3 Ways to Optimize Your Content Strategy, discusses how to optimizer your content using the following steps: 1. Analyze the content that people are reading & keywords people are searching on and clean/write ... Read More

FCC Seeking Feedback Regarding Accessibility of Communication

FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is seeking feedback from the public on its findings about the accessibility of communication. Read the FCC’s PUBLIC NOTICE for additional information. ... Read More

STC Houston Program Meeting Locations

For the 2012-2013 program year, STC Houston will meet at the American Red Cross, 2700 Southwest Freeway, for most of our program meetings. The first program meeting of the year will be held on Sept 11, 2012. See ... Read More

STC Houston Member Reward Points Program

STC Houston has started a new rewards program this year to recognize our most active members. Each STC Houston member has the opportunity to earn points throughout the year for meeting attendance, volunteering, etc. At the end of the year, the top ... Read More

Useful Links for Writers

Andrew Eccles, writer for Technical Writing World, shares a few of his useful links in an article titled Useful links for tech writers. What are your "must have" links? ... Read More

Are You Focused on Delivering Information or Chunks?

In his article titled We Must Develop Topic-Based Information Design, Mark Baker discusses why it's important to focus not on topic-based writing, but on topic-based information design. What are your thoughts? ... Read More