Texas Specific Stats from the STC 2010-2011 Salary Survey

No one loves employment stats more than I do, and when I get to use those stats to create an infographic, you should all stand back because I might just explode from all the excitement. I used the 2010-2011 STC Salary Survey stats to create an ... Read More

2012-2013 STC Houston Director, Erika Guerra

Dateline Houston would like to introduce the STC Houston Director, Erika Guerra. Erika Guerra is a technical editor and writer in the energy industry. She has seven years of experience editing scientific and technical papers and articles for trade ... Read More

But Do We Create Documentation With Meaning?

Kai Weber, asks the question that all technical writers should ask themselves in his article titled But do we create documentation with meaning? ... Read More

Ruling Your Content Kingdom With Outreach

I can’t imagine a better time to be a technical communicator. We’ve always produced information products, but we were limited by the output formats, and the information products we produced were sometimes the forgotten middle child of a product ... Read More

Is There Such a Thing as Organizational Cognitive Load?

Keith Lynip asks a very important question: Is there such a thing as organizational cognitive load? As technical communicators, we don’t write to entertain. We write to educate. In order to produce the best educational materials, we need to be aware ... Read More

How To Start Developing Your Own Apps

Because tomorrow’s STC Houston program meeting is about mobile apps, I thought you might find this article from Edudemic.com titled How To Start Developing Your Own Apps very interesting. In addition, for information about the Tuesday, Sept 11 STC ... Read More

2012-2013 STC Houston Director, Paul Mueller

Dateline Houston would  like to introduce the STC Houston Directory, Paul Mueller. Paul Mueller owns UserAid, which designs and implements innovative communication solutions. Paul has managed information development, usability, and graphic design ... Read More

2012-2013 STC Houston President, Cindy Pao

Dateline Houston would like to introduce the 2012-2013 STC Houston President, Cindy Pao. Cindy Pao is a Technical Documentation Specialist at Key Energy Services, a gas- and oilfield-services provider and #3 on the Houston Chronicle’s Top 100 list. ... Read More

2012-2013 STC Houston Vice President, Lindsey White

Dateline Houston would like to welcome this year's STC Houston Admin Council members.  We'd also like to introduce the new council members to the Houston techcomm community.  We're going to start our introductions with the ... Read More

STC Houston Is 50 Years Old

Did you know that STC Houston is 50 years old this year! Join us in November at the monthly program meeting to celebrate. ... Read More