Do You Need a Techcomm Degree or Certification to Transition into Techcomm?

Every so often, I encounter someone thinking about transitioning into techcomm, and I always get the same question: “Do I need a degree (advanced or otherwise) in Techcomm to be a technical communicator.” Here is the response I gave someone recently ... Read More

Professional Development in Techcomm: Is Distance Learning Worth It?

Everyone I’ve ever talked to about distance learning (whether they’ve participated in this form of learning or not) has a strong opinion. My personal experience with distance learning is the same experience I have had with everything in my life: I ... Read More

6 Powerful Google Docs Features to Support the Collaborative Writing Process

Susan Oxnevad in her article titled 6 Powerful Google Docs Features to Support the Collaborative Writing Process describes the features that might convince you to try out Google docs for your next collaborative writing project. ... Read More

Launching Your Techcomm Business: The Company Perspective STC Online Webinar

For those of you thinking of starting your own techcomm business, STC org is providing a live webinar titled Launching Your Tech Comm Business: The Company Perspective on Wednesday, Sept 5, 2012. Visit for complete ... Read More

STC AccessAbility SIG Is Raising Awareness

The STC AccessAbility SIG shared an interesting article on Twitter that highlights the need for raising awareness around accessibility. Well, the article titled Why Adding Text Over Photos is the Next Big Thing isn’t the interesting part, it’s the ... Read More

Dateline Houston Welcomes Jennifer Platt to the Newsletter Team

Dateline Houston would like to welcome our newest team member, Jennifer Platt. Jennifer will serve this program year as an editor for our local newsletter. Please join me in sending Jennifer a warm welcome. ... Read More

The 25 Most Popular STC Chapters and SIGs on Twitter

The following is a list of the 25 most popular STC Chapters and SIGs on Twitter (if popularity is a reflection of the number of followers). The list is ordered from most popular to least popular.  Rank Chapter or SIG Twitter Account 1 STC ... Read More

Technical Communication Management Compensation and Career Outlook

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Twitter Accounts for STC Chapters and SIGs

I recently conducted a search on Twitter and I located about 60 Twitter accounts for the 100 or so current STC chapters and SIGs. Anyone interested in following the tweets of these STC chapters and SIGs can subscribe to this public ... Read More

Useful Legal Documents for Designers

Veronica Picciafuoco, in her article titled Useful Legal Documents for Designers, shares legal documents that writers, designers, and graphic artists should all have in their toolkit. ... Read More