Dateline Houston – November 2012 Issue

Here’s the list of stories we talked about this month. See the November 2012 issue of Dateline Houston to access all the posts for this month, or click one of the links below to access a specific post. Celebrating STC Houston in ... Read More

Celebrating STC Houston in November!

It's hard to believe, but it is true. STC Houston is 50 years old this month! There have been 50 great years of technical communications professionals coming together to learn, network, and improve our field, so the Administrative Council thought ... Read More

Hurricane Sandy Threatens STC Office in Fairfax, VA

Today STC Houston received an e-mail from Steve Skojec at the STC Home office in Fairfax, VA. Steve reports that Hurricane Sandy is headed for their area and provided the following information (quoted directly from Steve's e-mail): I'd also like to ... Read More

STC Introduces the Member Affinity Program

Through the STC Member Affinity Program, STC members can take advantage of a variety of services and products, offered at special member discounts. See the STC’s Notebook article on the Affinity Program for additional information. ... Read More

STC Houston October Workshop – Feedback

If you attended the STC Houston workshop today, please share some feedback about this event with the community. ... Read More

Reflecting on 50 Years of Service

This year, STC Houston turns 50. The half century mark is a perfect time to stop and reflect. What has STC Houston done well or not so well in the last 50 years to support local technical communicators? In addition, what do we need to do to ensure ... Read More

Copyright, Trademark and Patents: A Guide for Journalists

Here’s a nice little article that provides some simple definitions and examples that you might find useful the next time you need to have a discussion with a SME about copyrights, trademarks and patents: Copyright, Trademark and Patents: A Guide for ... Read More

Kindle Offers a Free, Scalable Means by Which to Distribute Documentation

Kindle is offering a free, scalable solution to schools and businesses to centrally manage thousands of Kindles and wirelessly distribute Kindle books as well as in-house documents to users. Read this article from Publishers Weekly for details: ... Read More

Huge List of Style Guides and UI Guidelines

If you’ve been asked recently to create or review a style guide, you might find this Huge List of Style Guides and UI Guidelines useful. ... Read More

Real Time Board – Effective Visual Collaboration Tool

Are you looking for an online tool that you can use to collaborate with off-site SMEs? Then take a look at Bonus: This tool is also integrated with Google Drive. ... Read More