Dateline Houston – December 2012 Issue

Here’s the list of stories we talked about this month. See the December 2012 issue of Dateline Houston to access all the posts for this month, or click one of the links below to access a specific post. Happy Anniversary to STC Houston One of ... Read More

Happy Anniversary to STC Houston

Happy Anniversary to Us! By Cindy Pao, President, STC Houston Tuesday, November 12, was the final night of the chapter’s anniversary celebration. In what can only be described as a super weekend, we held three events to celebrate this momentous ... Read More

One of STC Houston’s Own (Paul Mueller) is on the 2012 Ballot

Paul Mueller, former STC Houston President and current Directory, is running for STC Vice President. Show your support: Announcing the STC 2013 Slate of Candidates ... Read More

Simple Steps to Master Your Content Strategy

I wish as technical communicators we spent more time and effort analyzing how readers use technical content. According to Randy Bowden in his article titled Simple Steps to Master Your Content Strategy, you need to include a step in which you are ... Read More

Becoming Better Communicators

“Human beings desperately seek approval, dread condemnation, and thrive on appreciation and encouragement.” Read more about what Inayaili De Leon has to share about Becoming Better Communicators. ... Read More

Technical Communication Content Strategy in the Mobile Device Age

STC is offering a three-day online event (Dec 4-6) that will include presentations on all aspects of technical communication and content strategy. See ... Read More

What is User Experience Design?

I believe user experience (UX) design is something technical communicates need to be very aware of. According to Julie Celia, “[t]he spectacular success of companies like Apple has proven that a great user experience makes the difference between ... Read More

ROI of Topic-Based Authoring and Single Sourcing by Kai Weber

I never get tired of reading about topic-based authoring, single sourcing, and ROI—never: ... Read More

Today Is the BIG DAY — STC Houston Is 50 and Proud of It

Don’t forget that tonight is the night that STC Houston celebrates turning the big 50! See our website for details: We hope you get to see some old friends and meet some new ones. ... Read More

Lone Writers Meet-Up, Nov. 17

Attention lone writes, please join STC Houston for an informal get-together to trade news and information. Date: Saturday, November 17 Time: 11:30 a.m. Place: Chacho's, 6006 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77057 ... Read More