Why Was STC Houston Recognized by STC.org as a Community of Distinction and the Most Improved Community?

The following are exerts from our Achievement Award Application for 2012: SECTION 1: Geographic Community Information Community name: Houston Chapter Community president's name: Cynthia PaoI submit this application for the community achievement ... Read More

STC Houston Is “Stepping up Our Game”

See the write-up in the STC’s Notebook blog about the Most Improved Community. http://notebook.stc.org/most-improved-community-and-community-of-the-year-announced-at-honors-banquet/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter ... Read More

2013 STC Summit Eventifier Site: Next Best Thing to Attending the Summit

The 2013 STC Summit has an Eventifier site. Visit this site to see photos, tweets, and slide shares from the event. Be a virtual attendee: http://eventifier.co/event/stcsummit ... Read More

STC Houston Is Honored as the Most Improved Community in 2013

Congratulations to all the volunteers and members of STC Houston. STC Houston just received the Most Improved Community Award at the 2013 STC Houston Summit. Great job everyone! Yvonne Wade Sanchez STC Houston Newsletter and Social Media Manager ... Read More

STC Houston Members Wishing STC a Happy 60th

Take a look at this good looking STC Houston contingent at the 60th anniversary party for STC: https://twitter.com/cindypao/status/331781744544055296/photo/1 ... Read More

STC Houston Would Like to Welcome the 2013-2014 STC Board of Directors

STC Houston would like to welcome the 2013-2014 STC Board of Directors. We are especially thrilled to see a Houstonian on the board for another year. STC Notebook: “The Board of Directors for 2013-2014 was formally installed last night at STC’s ... Read More

See What Techcomm Bloggers are Saying about the STC Summit on Day 1

See what Techcomm Bloggers are saying about the STC Summit on Day 1: · EPUB and technical communication at STC Summit 2013 · Why we love David Pogue · David Pogue’s keynote speech at STC13   ... Read More

Didn’t Make it to the Summit, but Still Want to be Part of the Learning

If you weren’t able to attend the STC 2013 Summit, but you still want to be part of this learning event, then following STC Houston on Twitter (@stchouston) or follow these hashtags: · #stc13 · #stchouston · #techcomm In ... Read More

2013 STC Summit Video Contest

If you are attending the 2013 STC Summit, take lots of pictures and videos. You can enter those videos in the STC Summit Video Contest: http://summit.stc.org/summit-video-contest/ ... Read More

How to Get on the Job Training Before You Get on the Job

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been asked by graduates or individuals looking to transition into TechComm about how to get that first TechComm job. My answer is always the same: “Experience.” Predictably, the next question is always, “How ... Read More