Member Spotlight – Evalyn Shea

by Manuela Domingos STC Houston is proud to feature the first of many upcoming "Member Spotlight" articles. The Member Spotlight program connects an area student with a Senior Member of STC Houston. The student interviews and writes a feature ... Read More

Creativity and Career: A Sweet Combo!

Wonder what you can do to spice up your job and your career? How can you creatively figure out what you really want and where your passion lies? Are you in love with technical communication but get frustrated by your abilities to make the most of ... Read More

Information Design: Scratching the Surface

UPDATE: Linda generously offered to share her slides on this program meeting with us. You can get them here. Thanks, Linda!-----Join us for our February 10 Program to learn just enough about Information Design to realize you don’t know enough!  Info ... Read More

STC Houston 2014 Demographic Survey Results

At the January program meeting, Jowell Lydon presented the results from the STC Houston 2014 Demographic Survey. The survey was publicized and open to members and non-members. The goal of the survey was to get a snapshot of our members and potential ... Read More

News from the Net – January 2015

by Doris BeetemResource Spotlight: Adobe Tech Comm Newsletter The Adobe Tech Comm Newsletter is a monthly email that summarizes the most recent resources on Adobe’s Tech Comm Central: Tech Comm Central provides ... Read More

January Program: How to Avoid an International Incident

Tips and Tricks for Communicating with a Global TeamTechnical communication has gone global. Modern technology allows us to work with subject matter experts or other writing colleagues in other time zones and different environments, all coordinating ... Read More