Book Review: “The End of Membership As We Know It”

Book review by STC Houston member Noel Atzmiller The End of Membership As We Know It By Sarah L. Sladek ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership - 2011 Washington, DC This is a book about change—societal and organizational—and what ... Read More

Book Review: “75 years young—Baker Atlas”

by Juan Puente Jr. A note of thanks to Noel Atzmiller for recommending this informative, yet important book that was rated best in show at the 2010 STC Conference. The start of Baker Atlas was both challenging and difficult at times. The ... Read More

Book Review – Three Keys to the Past – The History of Technical Communication

Review by Noel Atzmiller Three Keys to the Past – The History of Technical Communication, edited by Teresa C. Kynell and Michael G. Moran; Ablex Publishing Corporation, Stamford, Connecticut 1999. If you are interested in essays about the ... Read More

Book Review – Spring Into Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists

by Noel Atzmiller Spring Into Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists, by Barry J. Rosenberg; Pearson Education, Inc., Addison-Wesley Publishers, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 2005. Have you ever tried to teach engineers or scientists ... Read More

Book Review – Books Before Typography

Books Before Typography by Frederick W. HamiltonPublished by the Committee on Education, United Typothetae of America, Chicago, Ilinois,1918.Source file: Noel Atzmiller Did you know that ... Read More

Book Review – Clear and to the Point

by Noel Atzmiller, Manager, Technical Publications, Baker HughesClear and to the Point by Stephen M. KosslynOxford University Press 2007Have you ever viewed a PowerPoint presentation that was difficult to understand? Was the information on the slides ... Read More

Review: Apprenticeship patterns – guide for the aspiring software craftsman

Dave H. Hoover and Adewale Oshineye O’Reilly Books, 2010 137 pages Review by Robert Delwood, Senior Programmer Writer If school prepares us to enter our careers, it seems there is little to prepare us ... Read More

Slide:ology to PowerPoint’s Rescue

"Slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations" by Nancy Duarte O’Reilly Books, 2008 Pages: 294 ISBN 10: 0-596-52234-7/ISBN 13: 9780596522346 MSRP: $34.99 by Robert Delwood, STC Houston ... Read More

Book Review

Microsoft Word for Medical and Technical Writers ISBN-13: 978-1604024456 Peter G. Aitken PhD and Maxine M. Okazaki PhD Reviewed by Robert Delwood, Senior Programmer Writer The myriad of Microsoft Word books on the market may be a disservice to the ... Read More

Book Review

 Mastering Regular Expressions Third Edition ISBN 10: 0-596-52812-4/ISBN 13: 9780596528126 [Pages: 542] by Jeffrey E. F. Friedl Reviewed by Robert Delwood The mundane text search has been long overlooked. DOS users remember the DIR command to find ... Read More