May Program: Content Strategy vs. Content Engineering

A slight change in our May Program from what we previously posted. Jack Molisani is unable to join us, but we have a great speaker in store for you.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cruce Saunders ... Read More

Technical Communication Content Strategy in the Mobile Device Age

STC is offering a three-day online event (Dec 4-6) that will include presentations on all aspects of technical communication and content strategy. See ... Read More

ROI of Topic-Based Authoring and Single Sourcing by Kai Weber

I never get tired of reading about topic-based authoring, single sourcing, and ROI—never: ... Read More

Structured Content Is Like Your Closet

From: Yvonne Wade Sanchez [] Sent: Friday, November 09, 2012 8:37 PM To: '' Subject: Love this analogy and this article: Structured Content is ... Read More

Storytelling Without Stories: Writing for Infinite Replayability

“Gamification” is one of the hottest buzzwords in education and training, yet I haven’t seen it mentioned much in techcomm. As I’ve mentioned before, I view technical communication as a form of self-paced learning, so in my mind if something has ... Read More

3 Ways to Optimize Your Content Strategy

Barb Mosher, in her article titled 3 Ways to Optimize Your Content Strategy, discusses how to optimizer your content using the following steps: 1. Analyze the content that people are reading & keywords people are searching on and clean/write ... Read More

Are You Focused on Delivering Information or Chunks?

In his article titled We Must Develop Topic-Based Information Design, Mark Baker discusses why it's important to focus not on topic-based writing, but on topic-based information design. What are your thoughts? ... Read More

Building Mobile Apps that Reduce the Need for Help

STC Houston to host Kelsey Ruger at the Tuesday, Sept 11, 2012 program meeting. Kelsey will discuss building mobile apps that reduce the need for help. See for a complete list of upcoming STC Houston program ... Read More