UPDATED: Be The Captain of Your Career VIRTUAL Workshop!

UPDATE: Jack generously offered to share his slides from the workshop with us.The 10 Most Common Mistakes Tech Writers Make When Looking for WorkExpanding Your Sphere of Influence (And Your Income)Job Hunting Secrets That Might Surprise YouPortfolios ... Read More

Creativity and Career: A Sweet Combo!

Wonder what you can do to spice up your job and your career? How can you creatively figure out what you really want and where your passion lies? Are you in love with technical communication but get frustrated by your abilities to make the most of ... Read More

Medical Scribes

From Ann Blankenship, STC memberThe job of medical scribe requires knowledge of medical terminology and might be a way for a technical writer to enter medical writing. Even though, based on preliminary web research, the most desired scribes are ... Read More

Policy and Procedure Development

By Cindy Pao, PresidentOne unexpected turn my career path took was into the world of policy and procedure development. I thought I would share with you some things I’ve been learning, and how this new responsibility is helping me become a stronger ... Read More

How to Get on the Job Training Before You Get on the Job

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been asked by graduates or individuals looking to transition into TechComm about how to get that first TechComm job. My answer is always the same: “Experience.” Predictably, the next question is always, “How ... Read More

Starting Your Own Business Virtual Conference on April 16-18

STC is hosting a virtual conference for future business startups and freelancers. “This unique, three-day online event will include presentations on all aspects of starting your own business or freelancing shop.” ... Read More

Increase Your Professional Visibility

If you’re looking for a way to increase your professional visibility, please note that STC Houston is looking for a Corporate Sponsorship Manager and Historian. Corporate Sponsorship Manager Responsibilities include: Manager and recruit committee ... Read More

OnlineCollege.org Explains Why Technical Writing Is the Job of Tomorrow

OnlineCollege.org explains why technical writing is the job of tomorrow | http://www.onlinecollege.org/jobs/technology/technical-write.  ... Read More

Texas Specific Stats from the STC 2010-2011 Salary Survey

No one loves employment stats more than I do, and when I get to use those stats to create an infographic, you should all stand back because I might just explode from all the excitement. I used the 2010-2011 STC Salary Survey stats to create an ... Read More

Do You Need a Techcomm Degree or Certification to Transition into Techcomm?

Every so often, I encounter someone thinking about transitioning into techcomm, and I always get the same question: “Do I need a degree (advanced or otherwise) in Techcomm to be a technical communicator.” Here is the response I gave someone recently ... Read More