Valuable Abilities for the Technical Communicator in the Oil Industry

Post by Noel Atzmiller I spent some time this week, preparing my topics for the up-coming meeting at the University of Houston-Downtown campus in April. At this meeting, I plan to discuss some documents on which Technical Communicators might ... Read More

Not the Post You Are Expecting

This may seem like it is another predictable Presidential recap of a successful year with STC.You may expect a detailed listing of a year filled with fun networking events, memorable speakers and discussions at program meetings, and outstanding ... Read More

Technical Communication and Marketing Presentation

by Erika Frensley Technical Communication and MarketingI am posting the presentation for the March 11 meeting, Technical communication and Marketing, per request by members who were not able to attend the meeting.Technical Communication, even basic ... Read More

Why I Joined STC Houston

By Crystal Johnson Sr. Technical Writer, Litton Loan Servicing Direct Member Services, STC-Houston I fell into the Technical Communication field by default. You see, I’m one of those folks that actually majored in the field instead of just “falling ... Read More

DOS Lives!

By Robert Delwood Senior Programmer Writer The death of DOS has been widely announced or at least assumed. The arrival of Windows 95 formally replaced it. Technically, DOS lingers on. Windows Vista still has the core files, but they’re ... Read More

Pragmatic Thinking: You Can Learn How to Learn

  Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware Author: Andy Hunt O’Reilly Books, 2008 Pages: 271 ISBN 10: 1-934356-05-0/ ISBN 13: 978-1-934356-05-0 MSRP: $34.95 Book Review by Robert ... Read More

Smart Volunteering

  Giving of Your Time Effectively By Guy Ball, OCSTC Senior Member What if I told you that you could learn new skills on someone else’s dime, try out new ideas with a “client” who is just appreciative that you’re helping, and maybe even network ... Read More

What Can Abraham Lincoln Teach Us About Technical Writing?

by George Slaughter Senior Technical Writer, The Integrity Group Former President Abraham Lincoln has been in the news lately as the nation remembers the 200th anniversary of his birth on February 12. In examining Lincoln’s journey from log cabin to ... Read More

Five Tips for More Effective Networking

by George Slaughter Senior Technical Writer, The Integrity Group In turbulent economic times, the value of networking takes on an even greater importance than it otherwise has. The following five tips can make your networking more effective. First, ... Read More

Slide:ology to PowerPoint’s Rescue

"Slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations" by Nancy Duarte O’Reilly Books, 2008 Pages: 294 ISBN 10: 0-596-52234-7/ISBN 13: 9780596522346 MSRP: $34.99 by Robert Delwood, STC Houston ... Read More