Working with Microsoft Word

Math Features in Microsoft Word By Robert Delwood, Senior Programmer-Writer Long time users of Word might remember an early feature of built-in math functions. These have long since been forgotten, removed from the tool bar since Word 6.0 in 1995, ... Read More

Tech Talk

Lost: A Dozen Ways To Find Files By Robert Delwood, STC Houston Member Among Microsoft Word’s more frustrating aspects is its ability to lose files. Perhaps we’re to blame some, not paying attention to where or when we save files, but Word does its ... Read More

The Student

Graduate School Experience by Ruth Marcom, Graduate Student in the MSPWTC program at UHD Sometime during the winter of 2005, I was lamenting to my husband that I needed something to challenge me and get me out of the daily rut I had carved out ... Read More

The Intern

Moving from Student to Professional by Ashley Wieringa, Technical Communicator My College Journey Comes to a Close It's the Spring of 2007, and I have a few blissful months left in college. I have no idea what I'm going to do after ... Read More

Feature Article: Better Datasheets

by Richard Laurence Baron Weary, weary, weary of spec sheets that look like the Interoperability and Performance Data Sheet shown on the Novell site? Your customers are. I’ve been doing datasheets for more than 30 years. I can tell you there’s ... Read More

Feature Article: When Free Becomes Priceless

by Jana Bily, STC Boston Chapter International SIG Leader According to Byte Level Research, by 2010, 79% of all Internet users will be non-English speakers. Many companies have already recognized this fact and offer their websites in multiple ... Read More

Feature Article: Getting Yourself Hired: Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

by Dalton Hooper At some point during the job interview (usually near the end), the interviewer will ask, Do you have any questions for me? It is a precious gift. Never throw it away. Leveraged to their fullest, the questions you ask can carry ... Read More

Featured Article: Emotional Intelligence: Does It Enhance Performance?

by Stephen Blakesley, Managing Partner, GMS Talent L P Is emotional intelligence a predictor of future success on the job? Can productivity be significantly improved simply by matching a candidate’s emotional intelligence with the intelligence ... Read More