Texas Specific Stats from the STC 2010-2011 Salary Survey

No one loves employment stats more than I do, and when I get to use those stats to create an infographic, you should all stand back because I might just explode from all the excitement. I used the 2010-2011 STC Salary Survey stats to create an ... Read More

STC AccessAbility SIG Is Raising Awareness

The STC AccessAbility SIG shared an interesting article on Twitter that highlights the need for raising awareness around accessibility. Well, the article titled Why Adding Text Over Photos is the Next Big Thing isn’t the interesting part, it’s the ... Read More

Twitter Accounts for STC Chapters and SIGs

I recently conducted a search on Twitter and I located about 60 Twitter accounts for the 100 or so current STC chapters and SIGs. Anyone interested in following the tweets of these STC chapters and SIGs can subscribe to this public ... Read More

Win a Free 2013 STC Membership

Recruit someone to TRYOUT an STC membership by September 15, 2012 and you could win a free 2013 STC membership. ... Read More

FCC Seeking Feedback Regarding Accessibility of Communication

FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is seeking feedback from the public on its findings about the accessibility of communication. Read the FCC’s PUBLIC NOTICE for additional information. ... Read More

STC Board Approves New Community Funding Model

The STC Board of Directors voted Tuesday [Aug, 21, 2012] to approve a new community-funding model described as a “Partial Pass-Through.” Under this model, STC communities will receive funding based strictly on the number of members in a chapter or ... Read More

Tech Editing SIG offers two scholarships

by Rebekka Andersen Chair, STC Technical Editing SIG Scholarship Committee Deadline for submission -- May 9, 2010 -- winners will be notified in early to mid-June and announced in the Technical Editing SIG newsletter one scholarship assists ... Read More

Hot jobs — now obsolete

As computers and automated systems increasingly take the jobs humans once held, entire professions are now extinct. Here are a few examples of endangered professions, from milkman to telegrapher -- now oft-forgotten jobs. Typist in a Typist ... Read More

India ink: one writer’s rendezvous abroad

by Jamie West "India ink is a simple black ink once widely used for writing and printing, and now more commonly used for drawing, especially when inking comics and comic strips." Source: Wikipedia Editor's note: Recently, local technical ... Read More

Mark your calendars

Local Events Mar 9, 2010 STC Houston program meeting: "Getting Real with DITA - Priorities, Process, and Payback" Time: 5:30pm to 8:00pm Location: Mustang Engineering, Appaloosa building (I-10 between Park Ten and Barker Cypress) Mar 12, 2010 from ... Read More