Steven Jong: candidate for STC secretary

by Steven Jong I'd like to tell you a little about my background, describe the secretary's role and why I'm a good fit for it, and list what I see as the Society's issues and my ideas to help. My Background In 30 years as a technical communicator, ... Read More

Defining a Body of Knowledge

by Hillary Hart STC has meant a lot to my professional growth for more than 20 years as a teacher and practitioner of technical communication, and I want to help STC expand its educational mission for all technical communicators. It is time our ... Read More

STC Election Information: Get to Know the Candidates

From Who will be STC's next... *2nd Vice President? *Treasurer? *Board Members? *Nominating Committee? Do you know the candidates? Take this opportunity to get to know the individuals running for elected office at the Society ... Read More

STC: Closing the Gap

Keeping STC Relevant to Members, Volunteers and the Workplace by Suzanne Guess Candidate for Nominating Committee, 2009-2011 STC Bio: • Assistant Manager, CIC-SIG (2007-2009) • Strategic Planning Committee (current) • Strategic Assessment ... Read More

Conference News

On the Whole, I'd Rather be in Philadelphia by Al Brown, STC Senior Member, Philadelphia Metro Chapter I hope you take W.C. Fields' epitaph to heart and join me in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for the Technical Communication Summit June 1–4. You know ... Read More

Message from STC Office and Board Candidate, Hillary Hart

Directory-at-Large Candidate by Hillary Hart, Candidate for Director-at-Large Defining a TC Body of Knowledge As a candidate for director-at-large, I believe that one of the most important initiatives STC can undertake is to define a Body of ... Read More

Message from STC Office and Board Candidate, Linda King

Director-at-Large Candidate by Linda King, STC Director-at-Large candidate Why I Seek Your Vote The past few years have been a time of significant change and challenge for our industry and for STC. At the Society level, the STC Board of ... Read More

Message from STC Office and Board Candidate, Mike Hughes

Second VP Candidate by Mike Hughes, Second Vice President Candidate  I am Mike Hughes, and I am running for Second VP for the Society for Technical Communication. In this article I tell you a little about me and my vision for our profession. Who ... Read More

Message from STC Office and Board Candidate, Rich Maggiani

Director-at-Large Candidate by Rich Maggiani, STC fellow and director-at-large candidate STC as the Global Leader for Technical Communicators STC needs board members who are experienced in the field, who understand our profession and the ... Read More

Message from STC Office and Board Candidate, Garret Romaine

Director-at-Large Candidate by Garret Romaine, STC Board of Directors Candidate Looking to the Future My credentials, experience, and passion for our profession make me an excellent choice as an at-large director on the STC board. This short ... Read More