Update from the Admin Council and Feedback, a Valuable Asset

By Cindy Pao, President The Admin Council of STC Houston is made up of Cindy Pao, Erika Guerra, Julie Garrison, Rachel Thompson, Evalyn Shea, George Slaughter, and Jowell Lydon. We meet almost monthly to conduct chapter business and plan future ... Read More

2014 Initiatives

By Cindy Pao, President Each year, STC encourages its communities to develop a few initiatives that should help the community plan its activities and offerings. Here are the initiatives for the Houston chapter for 2013: Outreach to Houston ... Read More

Project Management

By Cindy Pao, President I saw a conversation start on LinkedIn recently about tools for tracking technical communication projects. It made me think about my own tracking system – and it it’s a good one or not. I use a combination of tools: ... Read More

An exceptional year

by Rick V. Sanchez STC Houston has always looked toward the future of technical communication. In recent months, I had the privilege of reviewing the content of our storage facility. After reviewing box after box, year after year of stored items, it ... Read More

President’s Message: The Fiduciary Responsibility of STC Houston

By Rick V. Sanchez President, STC Houston STC Houston pledged to send $28,000 to our parent STC organization to help deliver STC from its current financial circumstances. That pledge is vital to the survival of our parent organization and will be ... Read More

Bloggers Everywhere: Let’s Share Our Thoughts

by Paul Mueller, President Finally joining the blogging world, I've started “Answers for All,” a blog about Technical Communication topics and other random thoughts. Please stop by, read what you want, and share your thoughts and comments. See ... Read More