Photographs in Documentation

By Cindy Pao, PresidentIn January, I wrote a column about working with policies and procedures. Another of my job responsibilities is editing and releasing Safety Alerts and Flashes for the Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) department.Safety ... Read More

April Program Meeting: Plain English Rules Workshop

Join us for a very special program meeting in April! Speakers Natalia Matveeva and Michelle Moosally will tell us more about the Center for Plain English Research and Study (CPERS) at UHD. This workshop will introduce STC members to current ... Read More

April Workshop: Multi-Screen Authoring and User Assistance

Join us for a joint event with the Houston Usability Professional Association (UXPA) group. During this workshop, Joe Welinske will introduce the concept of responsive design, multiscreen authoring, and user assistance for technical communicators. ... Read More

Medical Scribes

From Ann Blankenship, STC memberThe job of medical scribe requires knowledge of medical terminology and might be a way for a technical writer to enter medical writing. Even though, based on preliminary web research, the most desired scribes are ... Read More

Policy and Procedure Development

By Cindy Pao, PresidentOne unexpected turn my career path took was into the world of policy and procedure development. I thought I would share with you some things I’ve been learning, and how this new responsibility is helping me become a stronger ... Read More

January Program: Using Graphics in Real-World Tech Comm

Join us at our first program meeting of 2014! Sean Brierley will discuss using graphics within technical communication. This presentation discusses screen captures, photographs, Web images, illustrations, and logos. Attendees learn which formats ... Read More

User Assistance Skills and Technologies Survey

The WritersUA Skills and Technologies Survey is open and accepting your contributions. The results will be publicly posted in February. The survey is specifically designed to collect data for the benefit of all user assistance professionals. To ... Read More

Initial 2014 STC Summit Program Is Available

The initial program for the 2014 STC Summit is available on STC is using Lanyrd again this year to share program details and to help attendees connect with each other. Be sure to sign up on and track the latest details about ... Read More

Notes from the Net October 2013

Notes from the Net highlights some interesting articles out there on the Web,  submitted by Doris Beetem, Documentation Coordinator at Schlumberger Ltd.The Death Star Conspiracy as software testing ethics training ( can the Death ... Read More

Adobe Tech Comm Newsletter for August

Adobe Tech Comm Newsletter for August includes news about Adobe's Technical Communications products, including:Savings calculators for switching to FrameMakerWebinars about FrameMaker 11, RoboHelp, and CaptivateAdobeTV videos featuring Neil Perlin ... Read More