Promo: WritersUA East in Newport, Rhode Island

The WritersUA conference will be visiting the East Coast this Fall. A great roster of speakers and topics is scheduled for Oct 27-29 in Newport, Rhode Island. This should be an informative and fun experience for all who attend. Registration is open. ... Read More

Were You Quoted in the “101 Things We Love About Tech Comm” Presentation in Atlanta?

Remember a few months ago Jamie Gillenwater asked the community to share things they loved about techcomm. Well a number of us did share, and here are the Twitter accounts for those who were quoted in Jamie's presentation at the STC Summit in ... Read More

Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma

Thanks to Becca Taylor for sharing this video: [youtube]. I want to write a song about conjunctive adverbs and their relationship with semicolons. Who’s in? ... Read More

Flexible Content Demands Future-Ready Organizations

Sara Wachter-Boettcher and Lee LeFever will be presenting at the 2013 STC Summit. See what they have to say about creating content for future-ready organizations: ... Read More

Interesting Copyright Ruling from the Supreme Court Could Affect Your Wallet

According to the Economist, “on March 19th the Supreme Court ruled that American copyright law does not restrict goods produced abroad from being resold in America.” This could impact prices on items you purchase on Amazon or Ebay. To read the full ... Read More

2013 Super Bowl Power Outage Report: Was the Instructional Manual Part of the Problem?

According to ESPN, an independent analysis of the Super Bowl incident discovered that an electric relay “had a design defect, and under testing it did not perform entirely as its instruction manual said it was supposed to.” See ... Read More

AP Wins Big: Why a Court Said Clipping Content is Not Fair Use

Jeff John Roberts of Paid Content, shares some interesting information about copyright in today’s age of social media and sharing: ... Read More

Critical Mass

By Cindy Pao, President, STC Houston Merriam-Webster Dictionary (online) defines critical mass as, “a size, number, or amount large enough to produce a particular result.” So let’s talk about that for a moment, shall we? I tell people at work ... Read More

Put an End to “Flat” eLearning: Tips for All Presentations

Okay.  I'm obviously in an artsy mood today.  This is my last "art" related article for the month--I promise.  Sometimes I just need to step away from the DITA-CMS, right-brained world we live in and exercise my left-brain a bit. Here's another ... Read More

Think Like an Artist and Write UX Reports Your Clients Will Love

Ben Crothers, in his article titled Think Like an Artist and Write UX Reports Your Clients Will Love, gives some great advice to report writers (and in my opinion technical writers) regarding the need to think like an artist when creating information ... Read More