January Program: UX and You – Stepping into User Experience

Have you ever heard the term “UX” and wondered what it really means? User Experience (UX) is becoming a vital part of many company landscapes, as business professionals strive to understand what their users need with the products and services that ... Read More

Book Review – Clear and to the Point

by Noel Atzmiller, Manager, Technical Publications, Baker HughesClear and to the Point by Stephen M. KosslynOxford University Press 2007Have you ever viewed a PowerPoint presentation that was difficult to understand? Was the information on the slides ... Read More

Photographs in Documentation

By Cindy Pao, PresidentIn January, I wrote a column about working with policies and procedures. Another of my job responsibilities is editing and releasing Safety Alerts and Flashes for the Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) department.Safety ... Read More

April Program Meeting: Plain English Rules Workshop

Join us for a very special program meeting in April! Speakers Natalia Matveeva and Michelle Moosally will tell us more about the Center for Plain English Research and Study (CPERS) at UHD. This workshop will introduce STC members to current ... Read More

April Workshop: Multi-Screen Authoring and User Assistance

Join us for a joint event with the Houston Usability Professional Association (UXPA) group. During this workshop, Joe Welinske will introduce the concept of responsive design, multiscreen authoring, and user assistance for technical communicators. ... Read More

Initial 2014 STC Summit Program Is Available

The initial program for the 2014 STC Summit is available on Lanyrd.com. STC is using Lanyrd again this year to share program details and to help attendees connect with each other. Be sure to sign up on Lanyrd.com and track the latest details about ... Read More

Usability Testing for Print Documentation

Click here to view the webinar by Joe Welinske. Use "STC" as the password. Most of my work over the past twenty years has been spent designing and creating communication components which are delivered digitally – Help files, wizards, UI text, ... Read More

Think Like an Artist and Write UX Reports Your Clients Will Love

Ben Crothers, in his article titled Think Like an Artist and Write UX Reports Your Clients Will Love, gives some great advice to report writers (and in my opinion technical writers) regarding the need to think like an artist when creating information ... Read More

What is User Experience Design?

I believe user experience (UX) design is something technical communicates need to be very aware of. According to Julie Celia, “[t]he spectacular success of companies like Apple has proven that a great user experience makes the difference between ... Read More

Huge List of Style Guides and UI Guidelines

If you’ve been asked recently to create or review a style guide, you might find this Huge List of Style Guides and UI Guidelines useful. ... Read More