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Publications > Dateline Houston > September 2002 > Chapter News

Volume 42, Issue 1

September 2002

Chapter News

September Program Meeting
STC 101: Its History and Your Future

Linda Oestreich, Region 5 director-sponsor, will kick off the STC Houston 2002–2003 program year by summarizing STC history.

With the STC 50th anniversary fast approaching and the STC Houston 40th anniversary just past, tales of how the Society grew into its present configuration are as timely as they are interesting.

Linda will share stories from her experiences in STC Houston the past 11 years and from the San Diego chapter during the decade before that. You’ll learn what it means to be part of a nonprofit organization and how to ensure that STC retains its nonprofit status.

To generate a bit of enthusiasm for the benefits that we get from Society membership, Linda will share a few details about what STC can mean to each of us: how it can improve our life, nourish our career, and help us win friends and influence people.

Linda welcomes all questions you might have about STC—past or present. Please send your question to Cindy Pao, director of programs, at

After Linda’s presentation you can get acquainted (or reacquainted) with your fellow STCers. An Administrative Council member will host each table to facilitate discussions.


Hilton Houston Westchase and Towers
9999 Westheimer Road


Tuesday, September 10


5:30 p.m. networking (hors d’oeuvres)
6:20 p.m. announcements
6:30 p.m. program


$10 (members)
$13 (non-members)
$3 (student and unemployed members)
$6 (student non-members)


A drawing for various prizes is held at the end of each general meeting. Proceeds benefit the Marx Isaacs Student Scholarship Fund.

STC Houston–Proud

Your 2001-2002 Administrative Council would like to thank the many, many individuals who pitched in to make the past year so memorable.

Drum roll, please

Lisa Anderson, Donna Baier, William Bass, Doris Beetem, Laura Bellspirito, Cathy Bettoney, Melanie Boston, Linda Branam, Steve Brunet, Lori Buffum, Jean Cameron, Ragna Case, James Casey, Kevin Chou, Catherine Clark, Deborah Clifton, Kate Compton, Phaedra Cook, Cord Courrege, Deborah Crockett, Steve Cunningham, Jewel Darby, Judah Davis, Jamie Diamandopolos, Jessica Dickerson, Dianne Dillingham, Stephanie Donovan, Verna Dunn, Theresa Dunson, Martha Dutton, Karen Estep, Karen Farrell, Gaye Farris, Maria Fee, Melanie G. Flanders, Gary Foster, Erika Frensley, Chris Gales, JoCarol Gau, René Gedaly, Karen Graber, Courtney Graves, JoAnn Green, Judie Guy, Mary Gwynne, Tanya Handy, Aubrey Hardman, Pat Hartberger, Ron Hartberger, Julie Heber, Rhonda Hector-Sloan, Carol Hidinger, Jack Howard, Jim Hunt, Bill Hunter, Ann Jennings, Molly Johnson, Elsa Kapitan-White, Mac Katzin, Ron Kirk, Erin Kline, Catherine Ladd, Nina Laidlaw, Terry Lambert, Julia Land, Danell Landes, Suzanna Laurent, Lisetta Lavy, Deborah Leech, Ann Liggio, Michael Likhinin, James Lillian, Dean Liscum, Melody Locke, Deborah Long, Pam Macaul, Melinda Mayers, April McAnespy, Al McAnespy, Joe McNally, Leila Merritt-Sewell, Paul Mueller, Al Miller, Dorothy Murray, Linda Oestreich, Marilyn B. O’Leary, Karen Oscar, Sahar Othman, Marilyn Owens, David Pacheco, Cynthia Pao, Linda Price, Shanti Rao, Robin Reddick, John Reynolds, Martha Rockecharlie, Sandra Rybarczyk, Emily Salamie, Sandra Salstrom, Rick Sanchez, Wayne Schmadeka, Robin Scott, Janette Sexton-Shahout, Amy Sharp, Kim Shaw, Heather Shelly, Helen Shoup, Deborah Silvi, George Slaughter, Anne Smith, Gem Smith, Lee Smith, Marianne Smith, Sherri Smith, Jeff Staples, Mark Stepp, Mark Stevens, Suzanne Stuckly-Taboada, Ann Sumanth, Rebecca Taylor, Jill Tollefson, John Turner, John Turner, Kuovonne Vorderbruggen, Monica Waddell, Yvonne Wade, Margot Wedell, Denise Wenner, Mike Wessels, Jocelyn Williams,  Ophelia Wooley, Vince Yokum.

Another great year of quality programming

The following members worked over the summer to plan a great year of quality programming for STC Houston 2002-2003:

Doris Beetem, Lori Buffum, Melanie Flanders, Margaret Gorham, Jim Hunt, Robert Nagle, George Slaughter, Gem Smith, John Turner, Nicole Wycislo, John Young, and Cindy Pao, STC Houston Programs Director.

Did we miss you? Please send your name to so we can include you in next month's appreciation column.

Calling All Entries

You can now enter the STC Houston technical communication competitions. Submit your work to be judged and recognized by fellow communicators in the following areas:

  • online communications
  • technical art (physical media only)
  • technical publications

Anyone may submit entries. You do not have to be a member of STC. You may enter work as an individual or on behalf of a colleague or subordinate.

Entries must have been produced or substantially revised within 24 months preceding September 1, 2002. Entries must have been originally prepared and accepted for publication by a client, employer, or publisher.

The deadline for all STC Houston chapter competition entries is October 4, 2002.

You can pick up entry forms during the September STC program meeting at the Houston Hilton Westchase and Towers, or you can locate a form on the STC Houston website at

Mail entries to:

STC Houston
ATTN Competitions
PO Box 42051
Houston TX 77242-2051

There is also a provision for dropping off entries.

For more information, contact Deborah Silvi at 713-918-1354 or at

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