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Publications > Dateline Houston > September 2002 > Feature Article

Volume 42, Issue 1

September 2002

Poetry Contest Winner

To help encourage the STC Board of Directors to choose Houston to host its annual meeting, STC Houston sponsored a poetry contest in which poets were encouraged to talk about Houston’s positive features in verse. The winning poem was by Holly Jahangiri.

We “Ames” to Please

by Holly Jahangiri

Within the heart of Texans everywhere
Is hospitality we long to share.
Dear Andrea, you know we “Ames” to please–
Don't make us get down on our bended knees!

Our Houston’s home to seven-story pines,
Encased in bright orange trumpet flower vines.
Humidity's a blessing and a curse
“Bad hair days” we all share (it could be worse)!

Come play in Houston - we've got “bumper cars,”
And NASA brings us closer to the stars!
Long sultry days of summer baseball quenched
With Minute Maid, or by a downpour drenched,

There’s much to see in Houston, much to do–
That said, the Houston chapter welcomes YOU!

Other participants included:

  • Stephanie Donovan
  • Jack Howard
  • Jim Hunt
  • Keith Knox
  • Marc Levinson

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