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Publications > Dateline Houston > October 2002 > Director-Sponsor Report

Volume 42, Issue 2

October 2002

Letter from Linda
Catching Up and Moving Forward

by Linda Oestreich, Director-Sponsor, Region 5

Dearest Region 5 colleagues,

This is the first “Letter from Linda” of many.

Well, after the flurry of activities last May when I assumed the role of your director-sponsor, I spent a summer learning just what it was that I was supposed to do. The learning continues.

I visited the Phoenix chapter to help them honor their annual award winners (June) and I visited the Austin chapter, where I helped with a leadership workshop (July). Both trips were fun and interesting.

I have to admit, though, that flying to Phoenix was less harrowing than driving to Austin. My automatic transmission went on the lam during my drive up there. And to top it off, so did my cell phone! I’m pleased to say that my phone, my car, and my chapters are doing quite well. Suzanna had taken care of all of you so well, my biggest concern is making sure you don’t experience withdrawal from her TLC!

So, what’s coming up? An STC board meeting in Boston at the end of September, followed by the Region 5 Conference in Oklahoma City (October 3 – 6). This conference promises to be one of great learning, fun, and excitement. The folks in OK City have really stepped on the gas to ensure that this conference will offer just what you need just when you need it. The “Mother Road” backdrop gives us a sense of American history that will be fun to explore, and the “Geared for Success” presentations will enrich us in our work and in our professional development.

If you’re still up for a good time, stick around until Sunday morning and attend the leadership workshop. It’s free, and I promise it will be fun. Thea Teich, the Society’s first vice president.; Judy Glick-Smith, the Society’s immediate past president; and I will be leading this workshop. You can be sure it will give you some new ideas and an occasional chance to laugh—be there and be part of the fun! I have a trip to the Tucson chapter planned for November, and I have presentations scheduled for the Lone Star chapter and the Alamo chapter in early 2003.

I’ve spoken with our newest chapters to the region, those in Utah (Intermountain, Utah State, and Brigham Young), and I’m hoping to visit them in late Spring. (I’ve lived most of my life in warm climates. I think I’d better wait for their snow to melt before I visit!)

For all of you who are struggling with membership, don’t feel alone. The struggle is happening throughout the Society. The Board of Directors is looking at ways to help the chapters, and, in turn, the Society. I know that many of you have wonderful ideas that have been working. Feel free to send them to me or to the STC office at Your ideas will be gathered and made available to other chapters in the coming months. We’re all in this together. STC has a proud record of pulling together in hard times. So, grab hold of the rope and pull!

Blessings to you all!

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