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Publications > Dateline Houston > October 2002 > From the Director

Volume 42, Issue 3

November 2002

From the Communications Director
Improving the Status Quo

by Rebecca Taylor, Product Marketing Analyst, Hewlett-Packard Company

Last year saw some big changes for STC Houston communications practices, a new expanded web site and exclusively electronic newsletter being the major ones. So while last year was a year of change and expansion, this year is one of improvement and building. This year our goal is to make your communication resources better than ever. So I’d like to let you know how my committee members are working to do just that!

Online Newsletter

Now that our newsletter is published electronically, we hope to offer an even broader newsletter that is entirely online and embedded in our web site. Starting with the September issue, the entire newsletter is posted on the website for you to browse, print, or download. A web-based format will make it easier for you to read the newsletter as it is meant to be read—online. Our newsletter committee is working harder than ever to bring you a timely, useful publication. Next time you see Cathy Bettoney, Melanie Boston, Jamie Diamandopoulos, Erika Frensley, Jim Hunt, or George Slaughter, give them a pat on the back. You can always send anyone on the committee, including me, your comments or suggestions.

Web Site

Our illustrious webmaster, Theresa Duncan, is applying her expertise to our web site. Now that the site is established and well used, we want to make sure it provides the best online experience for you. We expect to do some usability and content analyses. If you have any suggestions regarding the web site and how we might improve it, please send your suggestions to

Mailing List

We’ve seen a lot of activity on our mailing list lately. We’re also looking for ways to make your listserv experience smoother. Soon we’ll be publishing a set of informal guidelines for when and what to post. I’d like to thank Anne Smith for her hard work in making this relatively new communication method such a success!


Our public relations manager extraordinaire, Stephanie Donovan, has been hard at work this summer updating our chapter brochures and streamlining our public relations process. Stephanie strives to publicize all of our events and announcements.

Phone Service

Last, but certainly not least, is our phone service. Judie Guy is the hidden voice on the other end of the line when a prospective member calls our phone line for information or assistance. Judie’s efforts are vital to keeping our prospective members and the public informed about the chapter’s services.

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