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Publications > Dateline Houston > October 2002 > From the President

Volume 42, Issue 3

November 2002

From the President
Society Meets Chapter

by George Slaughter, Information Developer, BMC Software

This month we recognize STC Houstonians who have been active on the Society level, and encourage you to join their ranks.

STC Houston’s Mount Rushmore

If you were to create a Mount Rushmore for STC Houston —recognizing those who have been movers and shakers on Society and chapter levels—the first two names must be those of the late John B. Colby and the late Marx Isaacs.

John and Marx were two of the founders of STC Houston back in 1962. Both became STC Fellows. John ultimately moved to Austin, but Marx remained in Houston and was a fixture at our program meetings, encouraging participation in chapter activities.

Another person who belongs on STC Houston’s Mount Rushmore is Janis Raymond Hocker. Janis led STC Houston to its first Chapter Achievement Award during her chapter presidency in 1978–1979. She is also the only STC Houston member to serve as Society president (1987–1988). Like John and Marx, Janis was elected an STC Fellow.

Faces in the Crowd

STC Houston today has many people who have served on the Society level and participated in Society-level activities. Most prominent among these is Linda Oestreich, another STC Fellow who currently serves as our Region 5 Director-Sponsor.

STC Houstonians also volunteer for select Society activities. Wayne Schmadeka, our treasurer, and Deborah Long, our immediate past president, are helping to review a treasurer’s handbook that the Society will share with chapter treasurers in the future. Last April, Sherri Smith, an STC Fellow, organized the international competitions judging events that took place in Houston.

Your Place in History

While Mount Rushmore has only four personages represented, STC Houston’s rendition of Mount Rushmore has room for many more, including you. Take a look around and see how STC Houston can help you master knowledge for success!

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