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Publications > Dateline Houston > December 2002 > From the Director

Volume 42, Issue 4

December 2002

From the Director of Satellites

by Steve Cunningham, Senior Information Developer, Kitba Consulting Services

Satellites are created where not enough members are concentrated in a geographic area to support a full chapter. STC Houston has satellites in the Louisiana Gulf Coast and Bryan–College Station.

Members of the Louisiana Gulf Coast satellite are located all over Louisiana and work in a variety of industries. The satellite has hosted informative workshops and lectures to enhance the professional development of its members. The membership is kept informed via an e-mail list and its web site at The leadership plans to host networking lunches every other month or so over the course of this year, supplemented by on-demand chat sessions to discuss topics of special interest. STC Louisiana Gulf Coast satellite leaders are Marilyn Barrett O’Leary, Stephen Brunet, and Julie Hebert. The webmaster is Carey Hamburg. For an informative, brief history of this satellite, see

The Bryan–College Station satellite is led by Karen Graber, who has been an active participant since the satellite was launched in 1996. Karen’s regular duties for the Bryan–College Station satellite include managing an e-mail list and coordinating networking lunches for local technical communicators. Many students attending Texas A&M University can benefit through an association with this satellite. And these young people could eventually infuse STC Houston with the new blood essential to future growth.

Our chapter is extremely appreciative of the services provided by our satellites. So when you think of STC Houston, don’t forget the Bryan–College Station and Louisiana Gulf Coast satellites! When you hear of employment opportunities within Bryan–College Station or Louisiana, forward them to satellite leaders. If your company has facilities in these geographical areas and employs technical communicators, encourage those employees to join STC and become active in their satellite. Also, try to attend events held by our satellite chapters when you can. Their programs offer valuable educational and networking opportunities for all technical communicators.

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