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Publications > Dateline Houston > December 2002 > From the Editor

Volume 42, Issue 4

December 2002

From the Editor
The Inner Workings of Dateline Houston

by Rebecca Taylor, Product Marketing Analyst, Hewlett-Packard Company

After the last program meeting, several people asked me what kind of work we do to produce this newsletter. We have a team of six people, who work every month in specific roles.

Coordinating Editor

Also known as the translation editor, the coordinating editor is responsible for ensuring that every submission is in the proper format before going to our copy editors. You might recognize this title because our coordinating editor, Cathy Bettoney, was STC Houston Volunteer of the Month for November. We use FrameMaker 6 for layout, and most submissions come to us in Word, so the coordinating editor translates the files into our template before they are edited.

Copy Editors

We currently have three very talented and dedicated copy editors: Melanie Boston, Jamie Diamandopoulos, and Jim Hunt. Each month, they pore over every submission to make it ready for print. With three editors, each usually must edit four to six pieces.

Layout Editor

Once the copy editors have completed their task, it is up to our layout editor to make it beautiful. Erika Frensley, our layout editor, compiles all of the edited files into our layout template. Of course, it’s not that easy—a layout like ours requires fine-tuning to make sure everything fits.


No newsletter would be successful without authors! STC Houston is lucky to have a large pool of knowledgeable and passionate writers just waiting to be found. There are so many of you that I can’t find you all on my own, so please don’t be shy about introducing yourself to me!

Unnamed Positions

As the chapter and our newsletter grow, our roles are forever changing. Even though our official job titles may be filled, we are still always seeking more volunteers. For instance, we are now posting the entire newsletter on our chapter web site, which means we can use another warm body to help. As we fine-tune our processes, we’re always looking for people to help plan and coordinate the newsletter. If you’re interested in participating, we’ll always be able to find a place just for you! Don’t forget to vote in the Editor’s poll from last month. What would you prefer for our online discussion tool(s): one e-mail list for everything, an e-mail list for announcements and one for discussion, an e-mail list for announcements and a message board for discussion, or message board for everything? View online at

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