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Publications > Dateline Houston > January 2003 > From the President

Volume 42, Issue 5

January 2003

From the President

From Old to New

by George Slaughter, Information Developer, BMC Software

When we were planning last year's STC Houston 40th anniversary party, someone came up with the idea of making a special appeal to the former chapter presidents to attend. Many of them came, and everyone had a good time at the May 2002 event. This month I'd like to address the issues of keeping former presidents involved and getting new members involved in STC Houston activities.

Past Presidents Club

Actually, the idea for a way to keep past presidents involved in current affairs has been discussed for some time. When someone finishes his or her term as president, how does STC Houston keep him or her involved and interested in chapter activities? What role does he or she play when their council tenure concludes? The experience that a former president brings to STC Houston is invaluable as new members get involved and the chapter continues to serve its membership and to project a professional image.

Jim Hunt, one of our senior members, and Deborah Long, our immediate past president, had a great idea to address this issue. They proposed, and the STC Houston Administrative Council approved (in December), a Past Presidents Club for former chapter presidents. The purpose of the club is for former presidents to meet in a fun social setting for sharing STC stories and providing feedback to the current chapter leaders as requested.

Deborah expects to hold the first meeting this spring. Expect to hear more about this innovative idea.

New Member Breakfast

Each year STC Houston hosts a new member breakfast to welcome new members and give them some time with chapter leaders. This is an opportunity to make new friends and get active in STC Houston. Membership Director Pat Bishop and Membership Committee Manager Ron Hartberger are planning our breakfast this year, though the details haven't been finalized. Our web site will have the information when it's available.

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