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Publications > Dateline Houston > January 2003 > Society & Industry News

Volume 42, Issue 5

January 2003

Society & Industry News

STC News

Don't Lose Touch with STC

The Society office encourages all STC members to update their membership information with home addresses, home phone numbers, or home e-mail addresses. Many members provide only their work contact information, and the office often loses track of these members when they change jobs. To update your membership information, complete the STC address change form at:

Complimentary Membership for Non-member Conference Attendees

Editors Note : If you have coworkers who haven't joined STC, this is an excellent opportunity to share your STC experience with them.

Non-members who register at the full conference rate for STC's 50th Annual Conference, to be held May 18-21, 2003, in Dallas, Texas, will be invited to join STC--free--for the remainder of 2003. The STC office will include an application for a complimentary membership with the conference registration confirmation receipt letter.

A nonmember can return an application to the Society office by mail or fax; a drop box will also be available at on-site registration at the conference. The deadline to return the application to the STC office by mail or fax is June 30, 2003. Please note that the sooner nonmembers forward their applications, the sooner they can take advantage of STC's many services and benefits.

STC's 2003 Election: New Procedures

The annual STC election will be held in early 2003, and only those members who have paid their dues by February 28 are eligible to vote. This year, STC has established new procedures to streamline the election process.

An option on the dues renewal forms and new membership applications for 2003 allows members to receive their election materials by e-mail. In March, members who selected this option will be e-mailed the slate, candidate biographies, and voting instructions. Members who did not select this option will receive these materials by first-class mail.

The election closes April 15, so renew by February 28 to have a say in STC's future!

Educational Opportunities

STC Telephone Seminars

In recent years, STC membership surveys have indicated that one of the benefits members most appreciate and desire from the Society is educational opportunity. Telephone seminars are a convenient, affordable way to provide presentations on diverse topics by experts in technical communication, and they are a valuable complement to chapter programs. Feedback from two recent seminars indicates that nearly 99 percent of participants would participate in another telephone seminar.

The cost of a telephone seminar ($145; price varies outside North America) reflects expenses for the technology that makes the seminars possible. But because the price is per participating site, not per person, chapters can train many members for one flat rate. Some chapters arrange with local companies to provide a meeting room where people can listen to a presentation and participate in the question-and-answer session that follows. This arrangement allows participants to split the cost. Telephone seminars have also been very helpful in providing geographically isolated members access to quality professional training. These members are often unable to benefit from chapter programs because they live too far away to attend meetings.

Details about the following STC telephone seminars have been posted on the STC web site at

Wednesday, February 5:

Creating Persuasive Executive Summaries
Presenter: Stacia D. Kelly

Thursday, February 13:

Fast and Easy Time Management
Presenter: John V. Hedtke

All seminars take place from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (noon to 1:30 p.m. Central time). Members can register online and view announcements for the seminars at

Because you pay only for the connection, not the number of people participating, telephone seminars are a cost-effective way to train groups of technical communicators. Costs per site are as follows:

  • U.S. sites: $145
  • Sites outside North America: Please contact the STC office

An additional $10 will be charged for registrations received less than five business days before the seminar. Registration information for these four seminars can be found in the December 2002 and January 2003 issues of Intercom, and on the STC web site.

Networking Opportunities

If you have a networking opportunity to share, please tell us! Go to

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