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Publications > Dateline Houston > April 2003 > Feature Article

Volume 42, Issue 8

April 2003

2003-2004 Chapter Elections

Candidates Election Links

For President: Jocelyn Williams
For Vice President: Cindy Pao
For Secretary: Monica Waddell
For Treasurer: Wayne Schmadeka
For Director: Phaedra Cook
For Director: Robin Jackson
For Director: Danell Landes
For Director: David Remson
For Director: Rebecca Taylor
For Director: Nicole Wycislo

STC Houston Election Bylaws
2003-2004 Ballot [PDF]

For President: Jocelyn Williams

Jocelyn has been a technical communicator for more than 10 years, developing print documentation, marketing collateral, and online Help for mainframe and web-based applications. She is a lead information developer for BMC Software in the DB2 Performance product area.

Jocelyn, a senior member, has been active with STC Houston since moving from Little Rock, Arkansas in May 1998. Her service to the chapter includes:

    • vice-president (2000-2001)
    • director of competitions (1999-2000)
    • assistant to the president (2001-2003)
    • technical publications competition manager (2002-2003)
    • recognitions manager (2002-2003)
    • judge, technical publications competition (1998-2003, four years as lead judge)
    • lead judge, online communication competition (2002-2003)
    • competitions database manager (1998-1999)

A winner of technical publications and online communication awards, Jocelyn participated as a judge for the international technical publications competition in 2002 and 2003. She is a book reviewer for the STC Technical Communication journal. Jocelyn recently assumed Region 5 webmaster responsibilities.

She served Arkansas STC as treasurer (1996-1998) and as technical publications competition judge (1994-1997). In 1994, Jocelyn presented Five Year Career Planning during a progression session at the STC annual conference in Minneapolis.

Jocelyn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Journalism emphasis) from Howard University in Washington, D.C. She has also completed graduate course work in technical communication.

If elected president, Jocelyn wants to help members recognize and demonstrate the value that they add in the work environment and the community.

For Vice President: Cindy Pao

Cindy Pao has been an information developer at BMC Software. for two-and-a-half years. Before she moved into the world of software-for-profit, Cindy was the lone technical writer in the IT department for Weatherford International, in Houston, and the Minneapolis office of Norwest Mortage. At these companies, she wrote user and systems documentation for internally developed applications.

Cindy has a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Minnesota.

Cindy is currently serving as the director of programs. She was also the manager of the hospitality committee for the 2001 Region 5 Conference, and the manager of the 2001 Awards Banquet.

If elected vice president, Cindy intends to carry on the strong tradition of leadership established by Paul Mueller. Mentoring, technical education, and cross-occupational networking will be her priorities.

For Secretary: Monica Waddell

Monica Waddell has been an STC member since Fall 2000. She has served as a "mistress of fun" on the Hospitality committee for the STC Region 5 conference in 2001, as a judge in the STC technical publications competition in 2000 and 2002, and on the Programs committee this year.

Monica has nearly 15 years of experience in technical communication. Currently, she is an information developer at BMC Software and is responsible for documenting the installation utility for distributed systems software. Before joining BMC Software, Monica was a technical editor and writer at Exxon Production Research Company, where she was on a documentation team that produced an internal documentation style guide that won an Award of Excellence in the 1995 STC Technical Publications and Art competition.

Before Monica became a technical writer, she was a reporter/photographer for a weekly community newspaper and a copywriter/account executive/media buyer for a small advertising agency. She has a BA in Journalism from Stephen F. Austin State University.

For Treasurer: Wayne Schmadeka

Wayne Schmadeka, Ph.D., has been a member of STC since the mid-1990s, presented at the Region 5 Conference in New Mexico, and served as the STC Houston treasurer during the 2001-2003 fiscal years.

Wayne is an information developer at BMC Software. Prior to BMC, he was on the management team of Kitba Consulting Services, LP.

As STC Houston treasurer, Wayne will help the chapter remain fiscally healthy.

For Director: Phaedra Cook

Phaedra Cook is the lead designer and managing partner of Gecko Media. A member of STC since 2001, Phaedra has been in the technical communications field since 1994. She holds a certificate in Technical Communication from Houston Community College. She has completed many print design, web design, and editing projects for companies such as Marathon Oil, Stewart, EG&G, and Texas Instruments.

Phaedra was a 2003 Best of Show recipient in the STC Houston Technical Art Competition, and also garnered four other awards in the same year. She has been heavily involved as an STC Houston volunteer, especially with the competition, coordinating the judging of the Atlanta entries, tracking Houston winners and assisting with the STC Houston Awards Banquet.

Phaedra is the mother of three and will be celebrating her 10-year wedding anniversary in September. She is committed to the cause of animal rescue, and volunteers with HOPE (Homeless and Orphaned Pet Endeavor).

As a director, Phaedra will harness her experience and proven ability as a team leader for the benefit of STC Houston. In addition, she will promote the importance of graphics and visual communication in the technical communications field.

For Director: Robin Jackson

Robin Jackson is president of Ghostwriters, a communications company she founded in 2001. Excelling in all areas of written communication, Jackson has done everything from taglines and technical manuals to marketing materials and screen plays.

Combining a great writing talent with skills in business and people management, she has put together a portfolio that covers documentation, marketing, and training. Jackson has created value for such companies as Lotus, Compaq,, and She is now focusing her time and talent at helping startups and small businesses make the most of their message.

After working in technical communications for 10 years, she considers the 5 years with STC her most productive.

She served as a speaker at the 2001 Region 5 Conference in Houston. Her workshop, The Newly-Promoted Team Leader: Shifting Your Focus from Products to People, apparently met the needs of many participants. She is amazed at the enthusiastic response she continues to receive. Robin wants to continue to deliver practical and encouraging coaching to STC members and clients.

Robin was appointed planning director by the Administrative Council in 2003. She looks forward to serving the chapter again this term.

Robin Jackson attended Azusa Pacific University with a major in English and Biology. She lives in Houston with her husband, Kevin and son, Austin. In her (very small) amount of free time she enjoys reading, entertaining, and singing.

For Director: Danell Landes

Danell Landes, Ed.D., is a senior member of STC. She was a member of the Hospitality Committee for the Region 5 Conference and has served as a member of the Programs Committee this year.

Danell is an analyst at Shell Information Technology Inc. and has over 12 years experience as a technical writer. She worked for a number of corporations before accepting her present position in 1999.

Before she moved to Houston she directed a cooperative education program for engineering and technology students. She developed and taught three competency-based engineering courses, which required technical reports.

For Director: David Remson

David Remson is an information developer at NetIQ Corporation. He earned his degree from University of Texas at Austin and has worked as a technical communicator in the software industry for more than eight years.

David specializes in documenting security tools and processes, distributed applications, and proprietary protocols for audiences of software developers and security administrators. David's career highlights include working on the "original" Microsoft Windows 95 and Adobe PageMaker support teams, and he claims that these experiences "were not always pleasant, especially when users waited on hold for hours to talk to us, but they definitely trained me by fire and sparked my continued interest in usability and user advocacy."

David moved around the country to pursue his career goals, but he says that he was happy to remove his jacket and settle down back home in 2000. David has been an STC Houston member ever since. David has received multiple five-star accolades in Security Computing magazine as well as STC awards for his Unix and firewall product documentation published by PentaSafe Security Technologies, Inc., and NetIQ Corporation.

For Director: Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor has been an active STC member since she joined the New Mexico Tech (NMT) Student Chapter in 1997. She served as the NMT chapter president for two years. Under her leadership, the chapter received a Chapter Achievement Award in 1999. Her most treasured memento from the NMT chapter is the Distinguished Chapter Service Award that she received in 1999.

Rebecca moved to Houston in 1999 and became active with the Houston chapter when Melanie Flanders and Nicole Wycislo recruited her to act as the Region 5 Conference publications committee manager. In 2001, Rebecca became the managing editor for Dateline Houston. She also served as the STC Houston director of communications for the 2002-2003 program year.

Rebecca is a product marketing analyst at Hewlett-Packard. She is passionate about encouraging and empowering her colleagues to embrace evolving technology to communicate better and more often. Since her college adventure is still fresh in her memory, she is also eager to help students find a home in STC and the technical communication profession.

As director, Rebecca will seek innovative ways to provide members with a positive and rewarding STC experience.

For Director: Nicole Wycislo

Nicole Wycislo is a senior member of STC and has been active with STC Houston since 1992. In 2001, she served as general manager of the STC Region 5 Conference. This year, Nicole is serving as seminar committee manager and programs committee member.

Over the past 10 years, Nicole served the chapter in various leadership positions, from student committee manager to director. She has also served as a member on various committees, including nominations, recognition, and strategic planning. In addition, Nicole has judged the technical publications, art, and online competition as well as Science Writing competition of the Houston Science and Engineering Fair. She has spoken at conferences, chapter meetings, university groups, and high school classes on technical communication. In 2000, Nicole was presented with the Distinguished Chapter Service Award.

Nicole is president of Verb Consulting, Inc., a creator of information solutions for technology and business. She has over 10 years experience in technical communication. Nicole earned a degree in Professional Writing from the University of Houston-Downtown and has done graduate work at Houston Baptist University.

Nicole believes that STC should be the foundation for professional growth and development for our members. She is committed to working with members to design, develop, and implement resources that support us in producing results with our careers.

STC Houston Election Bylaws

Article VIII—Elections
Section 5. Voting and Election

Officers are elected by a majority of Chapter members voting, in person or by proxy. If no majority is obtained on the first ballot for an office, a second ballot is taken to decide by plurality among the two or more candidates who received the greatest number of votes on the preceding ballot, or to decide ties. Directors are elected by a plurality of the votes cast, in person or by proxy. If a tie occurs, additional ballots are cast to decide the winner. To be valid, a proxy transferring the voting privilege of one voting member to another must be signed by the member who grants the proxy and must be presented to the tellers committee before the ballots are cast. A proxy authorizing another member to vote in person for the absent member will be honored on every ballot; a proxy designating a specific candidate will be honored only on the first ballot for any office. The tellers committee is responsible for determining the validity of votes cast (including proxies), for counting the votes, and for announcing the election results.


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