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Publications > Dateline Houston > May 2003 > From the President

Volume 42, Issue 9

May 2003

From the President

Honoring a Mentor and Friend

by George Slaughter, Senior Technical Writer, The Integrity Group

This month I'd like to introduce Dr. Carolyn Rude of Texas Tech University, someone who has played a role in the STC Houston that we know today—even though she's never been a member of our chapter.

I first met Dr. Rude at the May 1999 STC Houston program meeting. She spoke about Texas Tech's online Master of Arts in Technical Communication degree program and encouraged me to apply. I did, and expect to earn my master's degree this month.

Texas Tech and STC Houston

My graduate school coursework has influenced the STC Houston you see today. To cite one example, the chapter's web site began as a proposal in Dr. Rude's Technical Reports class. At the time, the web site needed a redesign and, with Dr. Rude's encouragement, my classmate Joelle Hallowell and I worked with then-webmaster Gerri Huck to create a winning proposal. April Cooper McAnespy and Kate G. Compton took the proposal and created the web site, and Theresa Dunson oversees it today.

Another example is the STC Houston Style Guide. The guide began as an assignment for Dr. Rude's Technical Editing class. The style guide has helped us ensure quality in our chapter publications. This fall, Rebecca Taylor, Seth Massey, and I, among others, will be revising and expanding the style guide.

Tipping My Graduation Cap

Dr. Rude is an STC Fellow, the highest designation someone can receive in the Society. She has mentored many in our community and elsewhere. This fall she will be leaving Texas to take a teaching position at Virginia Tech University. We in Texas will miss her greatly.

For me personally, there is no way I can summarize, much less repay, the debt I owe her. I cherish her friendship and wish her all the best in her new role.

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