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Publications > Dateline Houston > June 2003 > Feature Article

Volume 42, Issue 10

June 2003

Treasurer's Report of Chapter Financial Status


The financial highlights for the 2002-2003 fiscal year include

    • $3,531 net income from the competition entries and banquet
    • $6,739 in corporate sponsorships from individuals and corporations listed under "Sponsors"
    • $10,000 in postage and printing saved by keeping the newsletter online
    • $40,000 CD established to help ensure the long-term financial stability of the chapter


We are grateful for the generosity of the following corporations and individuals for their financial contributions to the competition and banquet and to the program meetings:

Competition and Banquet

    • BMC Software
    • DiscPro
    • Hilton Houston Westchase and Towers
    • Jump2Group
    • Deborah Silvi
    • Unisource
    • Jocelyn Williams
    • Williams Printing

Program Meetings

    • Pat Bishop
    • Patricia Golemon
    • JoAnn Hackos
    • John Hedtke
    • Kitba Consulting
    • NetIQ
    • Cindy Pao
    • Evalyn Shea
    • Jeff Staples
    • Jocelyn Williams
    • Nicole Wycislo

Teamwork Pays Off

STC Houston President George Slaughter said "The chapter has done great work in managing its assets, and I am very proud of our administrative council for its leadership on this issue."

To the members and corporate sponsors, "Thank you for your continuing support." To the administrative council, committee chairpersons, and volunteers, "Congratulations!"

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