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Publications > Dateline Houston > June 2003 > From the Editor

Volume 42, Issue 10

June 2003

From the Editor


It is so easy to become entrenched in my own little space in the universe without focusing my attention on the world around me. Tonight, that larger world manifested itself during the Honors Banquet at the 50th Annual Conference. In a fog, I return to my hotel room tonight feeling overwhelmed with something almost unexplainable—a bubble deep inside that fills me with pride. But there's something new there, too. Belonging and gratitude.

Sure, my throat is raw and my stomach is too full. My hands are sore from all that clapping, but I feel good knowing that I supported and cheered for every person who crossed that stage tonight. We were introduced to our new Fellows and Associate Fellows, authorities in our field who have dedicated their lives to developing and sustaining our profession. We cheered on as chapters were recognized for their consistent achievements, as well as their pace-setting initiatives.

And I realize that at the heart of it, this is what STC is all about: supporting and cheering our colleagues as they travel through their careers. Chances are, those same colleagues that we honor at these events are the ones who have made a difference in our own lives and careers.

In September, a new managing editor will take the reins of Dateline Houston. I'm a little sad to move on because I have worked with such an amazing newsletter team. I worry that I don't recognize them enough because they do so much. It truly has been an honor to work with them. There is more experience and knowledge on this newsletter team than I have ever witnessed, and we are blessed to have such strong and persistent contributors. This is my last "From the Editor" column, so I beg your indulgence while I reflect on this experience, this chapter, and the people who have contributed to my own growth over the past few years.

First, I have to thank those who pulled me into the STC Houston scene. Deborah Silvi may not remember but, when I first moved here, she called to welcome me to Houston and encouraged me to participate. That made quite an impression on a newbie! Then Melanie G. Flanders and Nicole Wycislo recruited me to work on the 2001 Region 5 Conference. I was new to Houston and my career, and their faith in me gave me the confidence I needed to find my feet and stand on my own as a professional. At the time, I thought they were crazy to trust in me to manage the publications for an entire conference!

Lori Buffum, Jewel Darby, and Nathan Taylor hold such dear places in my heart because they were my first team. I will always remember my "kick butt and ask questions later" publications team!

Linda Oestreich, with her unending compassion and contagious enthusiasm, has kept me involved and encouraged me to do more just by watching her example.

And I can't leave out George Slaughter! George gives so much of himself to this chapter. He has become one of my loudest cheerleaders, and everyone should have a loud cheerleader.

Thank you all for allowing me to share a little of myself and for sharing yourselves with me. I look forward to a long relationship!

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