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Publications > Dateline Houston > June 2003 > From the President

Volume 42, Issue 10

June 2003

From the President

When the Curtain Falls

They say when the curtain falls, it's time to get off the stage. Before I do that, I'd like to ask some folks to stand up here with me and take a bow.

Chapter and Society Leaders

First, thanks to the members of your 2002-2003 STC Houston Administrative Council. Pat Bishop, Deborah Crockett, Steve Cunningham, Rene Gedaly, Robin Jackson, Deborah Long, Paul Mueller, Cindy Pao, Wayne Schmadeka, Rebecca Taylor, and Karen Trossevin have all worked hard to create an environment where you could be successful.

Thanks to Region 5 Director-Sponsor Linda Oestreich and STC Executive Director Bill Stolgitis for their support. Thanks also to former STC Houston presidents Sherri Smith (1980-1981), Gary Foster (1987-1988), Jeff Staples (1996-1997), and Deborah Silvi (1997-1998), all of whom were active during my tenure.

Long-time chapter leaders Erika Frensley, Ron Hartberger, Ann Liggio, John Reynolds, and Steve Shriver have also been active, and I thank them here.

Work and Graduate School

If you want to be STC Houston president, you need your supervisor's support. I was lucky to have two supervisors—Tammey Dunn at The Integrity Group and, before that, Ragna Case at BMC Software—who were supportive, and I thank them here. Thanks also to Shelly Ficalora and Beverly Rogers of Hewlett-Packard, who have also supported my tenure.

As you read here last month, STC Houston has had a Texas Tech stamp during my tenure as director and president. Thanks to my many friends and colleagues at the university for their support.

Friends and Family

Every president has his own circle of trusted friends who know when to administer a pat on the back, or a good swift kick about six inches lower. Thanks to Melanie G. Flanders, Jim Hunt, Ann Jennings, and Nicole and Henry Wycislo for playing that role for me.

I'd also like to recognize three special people who got me involved in STC. Charlie Howes persuaded me to join STC in 1991, just after I moved to Appleton, Wisconsin. JoCarol Gau and Beau Cain first encouraged me to serve as president in 1998 after I returned to Houston. What a delight it has been to share the success of the last two years with these three friends!

Most importantly, let me thank my family. My mother, Cheryl Slaughter, my brother, Mark Slaughter, and my sister-in-law, Reneé Slaughter have been most supportive.

Taking My Leave

In closing, I wish my successor, Jocelyn Williams, and her council the best of luck as they take over.

Finally, I'd like to thank you, the members of STC Houston, for allowing me to serve as your president. We've done much good together, and we can all be proud of that.

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