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Publications > Dateline Houston > June 2003 > Society & Industry News

Volume 42, Issue 10

June 2003

Society & Industry News

STC News

International Student STC Competition Winners

Houston Student Among Winners

STC sponsors the International Student Technical Communication Competition (ISTCC) to recognize excellence in technical communication at the high school level.

The ISTCC is a tiered competition. In the first stage, students submit entries to their local STC chapters. Entries that win awards of Distinguished Technical Communication at the local level are automatically submitted to the international competition. Meeta Wagle was Houston's 2002 winner.

To see abstracts from each of these winning entries look for future issues of Intercom.

Distinguished: Meeta Wagle

"Wood" it last? Weathering of Unfinished Softwood and the Role of Various Clear Finishes—Sponsored by STC Houston

Excellence: Eric First

Augmented Reality: A Vision of the Future—Sponsored by STC Orlando

Merit: Andrew E. Lai

Miscommunication: The Role of Cell Cycle Regulators in the Development of Cancer—Sponsored by STC Orlando

Honorable Mention: Alexia Ash

The Evolution of Computer Control—Sponsored by STC Orlando

Honorable Mention: Xiaojing "Bonnie" Li

The Science Behind Photography—Sponsored by STC Orlando

For more information about the ISTCC, go to For details on our next chapter student writing competition look for future issues of Dateline Houston.

Educational Opportunities

STC Phone Seminars: Writing for Magazines

Presented by John Hedtke on June 18, 12 to 1:30 p.m.

Regardless of the type of writing you do, you should try your hand at writing articles for magazines. It's fun, profitable, and can be done by anyone who has a few extra hours here and there. This seminar is a practical look at how to write and sell magazine articles of all kinds. Topics will include the following:

    • assessing your skills
    • identifying potential markets
    • writing a strong cover letter
    • selling yourself
    • writing the article
    • dealing with your editor
    • following up and getting more assignments.

Writing for magazines is a good way to earn extra money, develop a new skill set, and add pizzazz to your resume. You'll also be able to publicize your skills as a writer and use the experience as leverage for additional professional development and opportunities. A handout with a sample cover letter, printed and online references, and other information will be provided.

What Is a Telephone Seminar?

A telephone seminar is much like a large conference call where the speaker makes a presentation over the phone. You dial the 800 number from your phone, enter your personal identification number, and you're connected! You then sit back and listen to the presentations and join in the lively Q&A discussion.


    • no travel time
    • pay per site and not per person
    • train all your people without their leaving the office


With a telephone seminar, the cost is per site, not per person. U.S. sites cost $145. An additional $10 is charged for registrations received less than five business days before the seminar.

Sign up today at

Networking Opportunities

If you have a networking opportunity to share, please tell us! Go to

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