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Publications > Dateline Houston > September 2003 > From the President

Volume 43, Issue 1

September 2003

From the President

Providing Value

by Jocelyn Williams, Independent Consultant

Greetings, STC Houstonians! Our program year is in full swing. Your administrative council has been working diligently to make the 2003-2004 program year the very best!

This year, we will focus on the theme "Providing Value." As technical communicators, we should believe that we provide value—because we do! It's important that we internalize this belief. How can we convince others if we don't believe it ourselves? We provide value in every project, program, or service in which we're involved. As an organization, we should provide programs and services that help members present their best. Collectively, we must promote the value that we provide to other people in the work arena and other communities.

We have set several goals that coincide with our theme:

Look at historical perspectives. STC is 50 years old and our chapter is over 40! Our Society and chapter have a rich history. It's important that we understand "where we have been" in order to move forward productively. Let's take time to reflect on the people, places, issues, and accomplishments of the past within the technical communication profession.

Establish liaisons with other organizations. Other organizations have programs, services, and initiatives similar to ours. We can join with them to reach unchartered areas and promote our value.

Make long-range plans. We have done a good job with planning, but there's more to be done. Planning ahead helps to streamline chapter operations and programs and prepare future chapter leaders. Throughout the year, we will evaluate our programs and services. We will also work to fine-tune our processes and document what is most effective.

Promote our mentor program. We can learn so much from each other! Everyone can make a positive contribution to someone else's career or life. All are welcome to participate in this partnership. Please let Cindy Pao, vice president and chair of our mentor program, know of your interest.

Contribute to our scholarship program. Education and training is an important part of our career development. We plan to assist undergraduates who want to study technical communication. The details for our scholarship program are still being worked out.

We are very excited about this program year. Your chapter leaders will uphold the excellent reputation of STC Houston, and we can achieve much by working with you . We look forward to serving you!

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