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Publications > Dateline Houston > September 2003 > Society & Industry News

Volume 43, Issue 1

September 2003

Society & Industry News

STC News

Society Selects New Executive Director

At the opening session of STC's 50th Annual Conference in Dallas, the Society bade farewell to retiring Executive Director Bill Stolgitis. Referring to Bill as "the heart of the organization for twenty-one years," outgoing STC President Ed See presented him with a special president's award. During Bill's tenure, Society membership grew from about 5,000 and peaked at more than 25,000.

STC's new executive director, Peter Herbst, will take over this month. Peter has worked in the STC office since 1984. He currently serves as deputy executive director, overseeing the day-to-day functions of the Society.

Society Announces 2002-2003 Chapter Award Recipients

During STC's 50th Annual Conference in May, outgoing Society President Ed See announced the recipients of two sets of annual awards: the Chapter Achievement Awards and the Chapter Pacesetter awards.

Chapter Achievement Awards

The chapter achievement awards recognize exceptional accomplishments in fulfilling the goals of STC.

The three award levels are Chapter of Merit, Chapter of Excellence, and Chapter of Distinction. Chapter of Merit and Chapter of Excellence are earned awards: A chapter completes key activities and applies for recognition through its director-sponsor. A chapter that earns a Chapter of Excellence award may also apply for recognition as a Chapter of Distinction. After reviewing applications and nominations from director-sponsors, the STC board of directors selects one Chapter of Distinction recipient in each of the predefined chapter size categories.

The following chapters received 2002-2003 chapter achievement awards.

Note: (ST) designates a student chapter.

Chapters of Distinction

Chapters with more than 600 members
Boston chapter

Chapters with 301 to 600 members
Lone Star chapter

Chapters with 151 to 300 members
Phoenix chapter

Chapters with 76 to 150 members
Orlando chapter

Chapters with 41 to 75 members
Middle Tennessee chapter

Chapters with 40 or fewer members
South Carolina Midlands chapter

Student chapters with more than 20 members
Mercer University (ST) chapter

Chapters of Excellence

Atlanta chapter
Berkeley chapter
Boston chapter
Carolina chapter
Central Ohio chapter
Houston chapter
Lone Star chapter
Mercer University (ST) chapter
Middle Tennessee chapter
North Carolina State University (ST) chapter
Northeast Ohio chapter
Northern New England chapter
Oklahoma chapter
Orange County chapter
Orlando chapter
Phoenix chapter
Rocky Mountain chapter
Sacramento chapter
Silicon Valley chapter
South Carolina Midlands chapter
Southern Arizona chapter
St. Louis chapter
Texas Tech University (ST) chapter
Twin Cities chapter
Willamette Valley chapter

Chapters of Merit

East Bay chapter
Huntsville/North Alabama chapter
Mid-Valley chapter
Oklahoma State University (ST) chapter
Suncoast chapter
Washington, D.C., chapter

Chapter Pacesetter Awards

The Chapter Pacesetter Awards recognize chapters for highly innovative and successful activities. In contrast to the Chapter Achievement Awards, which recognize chapters for exceptional strength across many types of activities, the pacesetter awards are designed as one-time celebrations of excellence in the specific activity for which the chapter is nominated. Chapters are recommended for the award by their regional director-sponsor.

The following chapters received 2002-2003 Chapter Pacesetter Awards.

Region 1

London, Ontario, (ST) chapter
Southwestern Ontario chapter

Region 2

Washington, D.C., chapter

Region 3

Atlanta chapter

Region 4

Central Ohio chapter

Region 5

Houston chapter
Texas Tech University (ST) chapter

Region 6

Twin Cities chapter

Region 7

Canada West Coast chapter

Region 8

Silicon Valley chapter

For more information about the chapter achievement and chapter pacesetter programs, download the guidelines at

Educational Opportunities

Web-and-Telephone Seminar: Adobe Acrobat 6.0 for Technical Communicators

Presenter: Brian Wood

This seminar will teach you how to use Adobe Acrobat 6.0 to save time and money, improve workflows, eliminate paper-based processes, and reduce errors in your business document exchange. Adobe's latest version of Acrobat can help you efficiently create, share, review, secure, and archive files in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). A de-facto standard trusted by enterprises, governments, and small businesses worldwide, Adobe PDF preserves the integrity of the source document, including fonts, colors, formatting, and graphics, regardless of the application and platform used to create it.

Brian Wood is an Adobe Acrobat specialist working for Adobe Systems. An Adobe Certified Expert (A.C.E) in Acrobat, GoLive and InDesign, and co-author of the Acrobat 6 ACE exam, Brian also runs eVolve, a rapidly growing freelance business for which he acts as principal, computer graphics consultant, trainer, and ePro. His consulting work focuses on Acrobat, ranging from user training to sorting out PDF print workflows and creating interactive PDF-based CDs. eVolve's clients include University of Washington Extension Program, The State of Washington, Brems Eastman & Partners, and NOAA.

What Is a Web-and-Telephone Seminar?

STC is expanding its telephone seminar series to include presentations with Web-based features. In a Web-and telephone seminar, participants listen to the presenter over the phone (much like a conference call) while viewing presentation materials over the Web. This format provides easier access to materials for reference during the presentation, as well as a more intimate, "classroom" setting than the typical telephone seminar.

Registrants will be provided with an 800 number, a secure URL, and passwords to access both the audio and online elements of the presentation. You then sit back, listen and view the presentations, and join in the lively Q&A discussion that follows.


Wednesday, October 8


12-1:30 PM Central Time


  • No travel time
  • Pay per site and not per person
  • Train all your people without anyone leaving the office

Cost and Registration:

As with our regular telephone seminars, the cost for a web-and-telephone seminar is per site, not per person. U.S. sites: $160; Canadian sites: $175; Overseas: Please contact the STC ofice.

An additional $10 will be charged for registrations received less than five business days before the seminar.

Sign-up today!

Networking Opportunities

If you have a networking opportunity to share, please tell us! Go to

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