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Publications > Dateline Houston > September 2003 > Society & Industry News

Volume 43, Issue 1

September 2003

September Volunteer of the Month

Todd Breeding

by Cindy Pao, Information Developer, BMC Software, Inc.

STC Houston is pleased to name Todd Breeding as the Volunteer of the Month for September.

Todd deserves this award for his work revitalizing and managing the Online Documentation Special Interest Group (SIG).

Nice Management Style

Not only is Todd the manager of the Online Documentation SIG, he has a day job, too. He manages the Digital Signal Processor documentation group at Texas Instruments. Sources there say that Todd is a great boss who lets his writers work at home any time they want, as long as it's after 5 p.m. or on the weekend.

At work, the team is located in an area divided into cubicles. Even normal conversations can be distracting. Todd has a sign that he sometimes holds up that says "Quiet Please." However, the writers have learned that all you have to do to make him understand that he's micromanaging is start talking about your latest doctor's visit or the litter box, and Todd covers his ears, says "Nyah, nyah, nyah..." and runs away.

Todd's writers recently complained that they were unable to print. Todd responded by reminding them that they're "the spearhead of the paperless society."

Todd starts meetings on time by offering candy. If you are late, however, you get an action item. All in all, he keeps things light and fun, and he backs up his writers when things get stressful.

Profile of a Winner

Todd likes to bowl. His team, called the Gutter Dogs, bowls every Wednesday night. Todd owns three bowling balls that are the latest in bowling technology.

In high school, Todd wanted to be a motorcycle mechanic. Today, he owns a Harley and fancies himself a biker.

Todd was once a member of the Skate Trash, a splinter group of the Urban Animals. He and an unidentified friend could be found rollerblading through the Heights every Wednesday night, where they stopped at different bars every half hour until approximately 2 a.m.

Todd served in the Persian Gulf during the the first conflict with Iraq. Now he won't let his writers get away with doing their jobs "good enough for government work."

That Secret Smile...

If you see Todd in his office smiling, you've probably caught him reading the online version of Paddler magazine, a periodical for kayak and canoe enthusiasts.

Thanks for All Your Hard Work!

Todd initially contacted me to ask about the status of the Online Documentation SIG and ended up managing it. Todd, thank you so much for stepping up to the plate!

Would you like to be a volunteer? See the "Help Wanted" list.

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