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Publications > Dateline Houston > January 2004 > Feature Article

Volume 43, Issue 4

January 2004

Web Resources for Writing and Publishing

by John Hedtke, Principal, JVH Communications, and STC Associate Fellow

Here is a list of web resources worth looking at:
Studio B Literary Agency. Contacts with authors, publishers, and information about the publishing business. Also the home of the Computer Book Author's listserv, a daily mailing list (get the digest version!) that anyone interested in computer book publishing should subscribe to.
Writer's Hotspot of the Week. A service of the Graham Literary Agency, this lists hot web sites for writers (they are, too; you'll spend a lot of time browsing from this point).
Ivan Hoffman, B.A., J.D, a lawyer representing authors and publishers as well as web site designers and site owners. He has a large number of articles on his award-winning site that can be of great interest to these groups.
THOR+, The Virtual Reference Desk. Good online reference materials for writers.
Adler and Robin Literary Agency. They handle many different types of nonfiction. Good information, links, and writing resources.
John Kremer (author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Book). Lots of great ideas and contacts for publishers. Also the home of the Book Marketing listserv, which will give you information on successful marketing (and a chance to compare notes with other authors doing the same thing). John also has very extensive lists of publishers, both computer and general.
A list of Internet resources from BookZone's web site. There are more links here than you'll ever be able to research for all kinds of book and magazine publishing. Check out the links at , too.
Home page for the Bulwer-Lytton contest. Good for helping you not take writing too seriously.
Charles Ackerman's Brain on the Web. Be sure to look at the Computer Publishing Update.
Judith Appelbaum & Sensible Solutions, Inc. Good information for all kinds of publishing.
Roger C. Parker's Meaningful Content.
The International Association of Business Communicators.
The National Writers Union.
Inkspot, a writer's resource web site. They also host Inklings, an e-mail newsletter.
World Wide Will's list of movie script deals, updated regularly. This will be of casual interest to most peoplescreenwriting is a very specific form of writingbut it's interesting to see what's being purchased by whom and for how much. (Don't get too upset over the money; they have to put up with Hollywood and you don't!)
Publisher's Weekly, the best-known industry trade magazine.
Rainwater Press and Nan McCarthy's web site. Publishing resources, great information.
Roger C. Parker's Meaningful Content. I've admired Roger's writing for a long time. Go look at his site.
The Society for Technical Communication.
The Tale Wins Literary Agency. Home of the Golden Quill award for promoting literary excellence on the web. (Check out some of the sites that they've given this award to.)
"The Guru's Lair," Don Lancaster's rich and funny web site. Don wrote The Incredible Secret Money Machine years ago, one of the best books for showing you how you, too, could freelance and make money.
"For Writers Only," Jack Beslanwitch's site for writers. An extraordinary number of links for fiction (particularly fantasy and SF) writers. Great place for fiction or general nonfiction writers to explore. The references links are classed by type of writing.
Bruce Epstein maintains an informal "Who's Who" of computer book publishing. (You can sign up whenever you like, so it's not a closed group.) Here's an opportunity to find out more about your favorite computer book authors and find out how to contact them directly.

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