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Publications > Dateline Houston > January 2004 > Volunteer of the Month

Volume 43, Issue 4

January 2004

January Volunteer of the Month

Steve Shriver

by Cindy Pao, Information Developer, BMC Software, Inc.

STC Houston is pleased to name Steve Shriver as the Information Developer, Volunteer of the Month for January.

Thank you, Steve, for helping to make the strategic planning session a success!

Steve, the Professional

Steve has been a technical communicator since 1993, when he started at Compaq as a technical writer and editor.

From Compaq, Steve moved on to Interim Technology Consulting, where he worked on assignments with Chase Bank of Texas and American General Life Insurance.

Before Steve became a technical communicator, he was a reporter, writer, and editor for daily newspapers in Tyler, Texas, and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Steve, the Employment Guy

This year, Steve took on the job of manager of the employment committee. Since monthly meetings started in September, Steve has held court at the employment committee table, where he provides employment information to technical communicators and provides counsel on job searches and resumes. Steve also moderates the employment forum on STC Houston's web site.

In November, Steve helped plan and execute the "Strategic Planning for Your Career and Life" workshop.

Steve wants non-members and visitors to STC Houston meetings to feel welcome and to participate in our community.

Friends Weigh in About Steve

"Steve is great at networking with other professionals on behalf of STC. He is exceptional at promoting the benefits of membership to non-members, particularly highlighting our programs and explaining how they serve professional needs. Steve is creative and is always exploring ways to expand employment opportunities for members. You can count on Steve to make things happen."

Would you like to be a volunteer? See the "Help Wanted" list.

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