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Publications > Dateline Houston > April 2004 > From the President

Volume 43, Issue 7

April 2004

From the President

Transforming Ourselves

by Jocelyn Williams, Independent Consultant

In recent weeks, we've heard about the transformation of our Society. What is this transformation? What is our role in this tranformation? The transformation involves a process of change that will result in a better, stronger STC.

Changes within Tech Comm

In recent years, changes within our profession have necessitated an organizational transformation. We now live in a global society. Our jobs and roles have changed. Technology has changed the way we communicate and work. Business and economic models have changed.

Transformation Goals

Based on member input, the STC Board of Directors has developed a set of goals to accomplish our transformation. The goals of the transformation are:

  • Increase the value of our services to members
  • Create financial stability for the organization
  • Promote membership growth
  • Be a leader and advocate for our profession

We will accomplish the transformation goals by defining where STC is, envisioning where STC needs to be, and planning how to get there.

Process of Transformation

The STC Board of Directors has also developed a process to guide us through the transformation. STC has completed many steps in the process, such as creating a business landscape analysis (a snapshot of the organization today) and a vision model (an ideal picture of how STC will look in the future). An implementation model identifies the following seven operational areas to reach our Society's ideal vision:

  • Communication—keeping members informed
  • Communities—virtual and geographic
  • Education—shared services
  • Finance—stability and growth
  • Governance—structure and representation
  • Membership—growth and retention
  • Technology infrastructure—shared services

Role of the Members

What can we as members do to help with the transformation? You are encouraged to communicate your needs, share your ideas, make change recommendations, talk with chapter and Society leaders, and work together to make STC better and stronger. It's also important to stay informed by reading the articles on the Transformation web site at

Help make this transformation happen. It's our profession and our Society!

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