Vol 44, Issue 2

November/December 2004

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STC Houston Updates Chapter Bylaws

by Pat Bishop, Independent Contractor

Keeping our chapter bylaws current is an important STC Houston goal. Over time, STC Houston must update its bylaws to reflect changes in chapter policies and operations and changes in policies and operations at the Society level.

The STC Houston Administrative Council will soon propose bylaw changes to chapter members for approval. You will have an opportunity to review and comment on the proposed changes before they are submitted to members for a vote at the April 2005 general meeting.

Major changes affect the following articles of the STC Houston bylaws. Throughout the bylaws, editorial changes have also been made for clarity and consistency. To review the specific proposed changes to the bylaws, click here.

Article VI – Administrative Council

A proposed change to this article involves adopting new titles for certain STC Houston Administrative Council members. New titles vice president and senior vice president will replace the existing titles director and vice president.

This change eliminates the potential for any conflict between the administrative authority and roles of the STC Houston Administrative Council and the legal authority of the Society, which resides in its Board of Directors. Similarities between the director titles now being used by STC Houston and those being used by the Society could cause an unintended legal liability for the chapter. The new chapter titles will refer to the same administrative authority and roles now being exercised by chapter directors and the chapter vice president.

Article VIII – Elections

Proposed changes to this article clarify STC Houston administrative policies and procedures for organizing and selecting a nominating committee for chapter elections and presenting a slate of nominees for chapter offices to chapter members.

These changes also define the policies and procedures that STC Houston will observe in conducting chapter elections and in tabulating votes.

Article IX – Meetings

A proposed change to this article states that STC Houston shall hold at least the minimum number of meetings that are required by Society bylaws. This change will help keep chapter bylaws current with any changes in the number of required meetings that may be made at the Society level.

Article X – Finances

Proposed changes to this article strengthen and clarify guidelines for managing STC Houston funds and the financial responsibilities of STC Houston Administrative Council members in the selection of a financial institution in which to deposit chapter funds and in the authorization of budgets, expenses, and disbursements.

These changes also clarify the duties and requirements of the chapter treasurer and council members in maintaining financial records and issuing financial reports. In keeping with sound financial practices, these changes also require that a non-chapter-affiliated auditor perform an annual audit of chapter funds.

Article XI – Annual Report

Proposed changes to this article provide more flexibility in STC Houston reporting requirements, to enable chapter bylaws to remain current with any changes in requirements that occur at the Society level.

Chapter Plans Employment, Contractor STKs

by Gary Foster, Employment Committee Manager

An Employment STK will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Saturday, January 15, at the Tomball Church of Christ. Jocelyn Williams will hold a Contractor STK from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. Come prepared to spend the day with us and learn how to keep your job through “adding value,” how to market yourself, how to reply to Internet job listings, and more.

Although November and December are typically flat hiring months because of the holiday season, the market for technical communicators has been above average this year. Companies typically wait until the new year to hire someone.

For the latest job postings, go to http://www.stc-houston.org/employment.html

New Senior Members

by Cindy Pao, Information Developer, BMC Software, Inc.

According to the STC Bylaws, the grade of senior member is conferred upon those who have held the grade of member for five consecutive years. The following STC Houston members have recently achieved senior member status:

•  Lori Buffum
•  Jewel I. Darby
•  Brian M. Perry
•  Joanne L. Purkis
•  David M. Richards
•  Rick Sanchez
•  Michael A. Torok

Congratulations on this achievement!


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