Vol 44, Issue 2

November/December 2004

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Upcoming STC Seminars

The 2004–2005 seminar series is the Society's most ambitious to date. Among the scheduled presenters are members who have published widely, served at high levels in the Society, and received outstanding scores for their conference presentations. Following is a list of seminars scheduled for December and January. To view the complete 2004–2005 seminar schedule, visit stc.webex.com . Please note that registration closes 24 hours before each event.

December 8 : Highlighting Hazards: Mastering Warnings and Error Messages

Presenter Leah Guren entered the field of technical communication in 1980. She used her experience as a writer, editor, technical publications manager, and consultant to develop a variety of specialized training programs in the field. Leah currently trains new writers through the course she developed for In Other WORDS, Israel 's leading technical communication company. She also conducts seminars and in-house training for technical communicators and engineers internationally. Her clients include many of the top high-tech companies in Israel .

Leah brings dry theory to life, illustrating rules with real-life examples and providing clear, practical guidelines that writers of all levels and experience can apply. A senior STC member, Leah is a popular speaker at STC and other international technical communication conferences.

›January 12: Preemptive Project Planning

Presenter John Hedtke is the award-winning author of 23 books, the most recent being RoboHelp for the Web (book and CD, with Brenda Huettner). He has more than 25 years of experience in software and technical communications, including 7 years in technical publications management. He has developed and written documentation and books for many leading products and does consulting in writing, business, and processes for a variety of clients. A complete list of his books, articles, and projects can be found at http://www.hedtke.com. John frequently travels for lectures and guest appearances at conferences and seminars. A member of the Mid-Valley chapter, he is a fellow of the Society.

›January 26: A Pound of Salt, A Pint of Blood – Getting the Most Out of Your Contractors to Ensure Project Success

Presenter Tom White is president of TJW Associates, Inc. in Beaverton, Oregon. For the past 20 years, he has developed information for technical audiences—writing software manuals, creating online documentation, designing training courses, and managing Web sites.

Having worked both sides of contracting—as a contractor and as a hiring manager—Tom knows first-hand the pitfalls of ill-conceived client and contractor relationships. Through successful contract management, Tom has also learned productive ways to get the most out of contract resources.

Tom is active in the Willamette Valley chapter of STC, and he has shared his experience about contracting in his popular Declaration of Independence TM seminars with those aspiring to become independent contractors. He can be reached at tomjwhite@comcast.net .

Each seminar costs $99 for STC members (the nonmember rate is $149). In addition to offering high-quality training at an affordable price, STC 's seminar series features a quick and simple online registration process. Members can sign up for seminars and view detailed descriptions at stc.webex.com.

More information about presenters and seminars will appear in upcoming issues of Tieline and on the STC Web site. Be sure to check the Web site frequently for an up-to-date list of seminars.

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