Vol 44, Issue 2

November/December 2004

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From the President

What About the Strategic Plan?

by Cindy Pao, Information Developer, BMC Software, Inc.

Did you know that STC Houston has a Strategic Plan? Completed last year by the Administrative Council, the strategic plan contains objectives, strategies, and tactics. Now that this living document is alive, it's time to start carrying out what those leaders envisioned.

The Strategic Plan

The STC Houston 5-Year Strategic Plan contains four objectives:

  • To promote ethical and professional behavior
  • To encourage and facilitate professional growth
  • To project a positive image to ourselves and others
  • To foster valued personal relationships

Each objective has its own strategies. For example, the objective “To encourage and facilitate professional growth” is assigned the following strategies:

  • Provide educational and training opportunities to members.
  • Foster career development.
  • Publish and maintain technical communication resources lists.
  • Increase networking opportunities through interaction with other groups.
  • Strive for attaining member and chapter distinction.
  • Improve member recruitment and retention, including planning for succession.

For each strategy, we identified tactics to employ to live up to our strategic plan:

  • Provide reports about conferences and meetings for members.
  • Hold an annual employment share-the-knowledge (STK) meeting.
  • Establish a resource structure and delivery mechanism.
  • Identify compatible groups.
  • Nominate STC Houston members for Society-level awards and offices.
  • Develop a chapter succession plan.

Making It Happen

As this year progresses, you will see some of the tactics from the strategic plan being implemented in the chapter. For example, Gary Foster is currently planning the annual Employment STK for January. This tactic will help fulfill the “Foster career development” strategy.

At the same time, we're implementing one set of tactics, we'll be planning another set of tactics for next year.

So What?

Get involved with your chapter's present and future:

  • Read through the strategic plan. It's available on the chapter's web site.
  • See whether one of the tactics interests you.
  • Find out whether that tactic is going to happen this year.
  • If it is, get involved by planning, executing, or attending.
  • If it isn't, find out if it's being planned for next year. You could get in on the ground floor and be one of the decision makers.

I want each and every one of you to do this.

Distinguished or Bust!

I hope you know that STC Houston won the Chapter of Excellence award at the annual conference.

This year, we want more. We want to win Distinguished.

Only with your participation can we be successful. From making a few phone calls each month to planning and managing a project, the chapter has every sort of position open.

This is your chapter—help make it ROCK! And don't ya know, I love hearing from you! You can send me an e-mail message at president@stc-houston.org.

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