Vol 44, Issue 3

January/February 2005

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From the President

Taking Time to Laugh

Cindy Pao, Information Developer, BMC Software, Inc.

Knock, knock! Who's there? Banana. Banana who? Knock, knock! Who's there? Banana. Banana who? Knock, knock! WHO'S THERE?! Orange . Orange who? Orange you glad I didn't say banana again?

Did you laugh?

If you did, chances are you have a child in your life somewhere. Isn't that a great thing?!

My kids like to stick their hands in the air through the open sun roof and yell “Wheeeee!” when we go down hills and over highway overpass bridges. Now, I've got to admit to you, I didn't really appreciate their joy the first few times they did it, and it was because my driving nerves were usually fried by the time I had to drive over that bridge. But, think about it. How often do you get to go on a roller coaster ride? Chances are, you drive over bridges a lot more often. Take 30 seconds to enjoy going downhill—maybe without taking your hands off the steering wheel, but do scream “Wheeee!” Your kids will get a kick out of you, and you might feel less inclined to sock the driver in the car next to you.

What else makes you laugh?

Now I'd like you to take a minute to remember the last time you had a really good belly laugh. I love good belly laughs! Even though my stomach may ache and I feel light-headed, I know that I was not stressed for that moment in time.

Here are some things that make me laugh:

  • jokes told by kids!
    Yeah, they're corny, but they don't have off-color language in them, and the kids love telling them!
  • quoting lines from Disney movies.
    My favorite right now is from The Emperor's New Groove : “Well it's a good thing you're not a big, fat guy, or this'd be REALLY difficult!”
  • Dan Ackroyd as Julia Child, having cut her finger while boning a chicken, and bleeding profusely (at least that's how I remember it)
  • America 's Funniest Videos – when people aren't hurting themselves
  • Bill Cosby doing a stand-up comedy routine, especially the chicken heart that ate New York City
  • some of the jokes my aunt sends to me

Why does it matter?

The next time you're having a rough day or writer's block, try to find something to make you laugh! Let the laughter clear your head and bring back a positive attitude.

Let other people wonder what you're up to.

Future attractions

We're going to be busy as a chapter in January!

The regular chapter meeting happens on January 11, followed closely by the Employment workshop on January 15.

The STC Houston Board meeting takes place in Houston on Friday and Saturday, January 21 and 22. Join me at the Canyon Café on Friday evening for a reception where you can visit with the Board.

And mark your calendar for the STC Houston Awards Banquet, which happens on Friday, February 4, at the Houston Club.

Stay tuned to the STC Houston web site and your e-mail for announcements about all of these events.

If you have ideas and suggestions for other activities and projects, please contact one of the Administrative Council members. You can send me an e-mail at president@stc-houston.org or find the e-mail address of the other members in the credits of this newsletter.

One last thought

What's the difference between strange and weird?

About two-and-a-half years.

Mysteriously, that's the age difference between my sister and me.

Which one am I?

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