Vol 44, Issue 4

March/April 2005

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STC Board Has a Hot Time in Houston

by Deborah Long, Courseware Editor, BMC Software Business School

STC Houston rolled out the red carpet as it hosted the STC Board of Directors meeting in January. A highlight of this four-day event was the welcome reception held at the Canyon Café, a Southwestern-style restaurant in the Galleria area known for its spicy Mexican fare and hospitality.

STC Houstonians enjoyed the opportunity to mix and mingle with Society President Andrea Ames, her Board members, and other Society dignitaries in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. This “open house” allowed local members to learn more about what is happening at the Society level and what the future holds. It also gave Board members the chance to meet members of one of STC's most accomplished chapters.

At the reception, it was announced that STC Houstonians Melanie G. Flanders and Pat Bishop were both named STC Associate Fellows. The rank of Associate Fellow is conferred only upon senior members who have attained distinction in the field of Technical Communication. Members do not apply, but are instead nominated for this honor.

The actual Board meetings were open to the public, as well, and some STC Houston folks did sit in while policy was being set and decisions were being made. Cindy Pao , STC Houston president, and George Slaughter, a past president, remained close at hand to ensure that things went smoothly.

As with any event, a lot goes on behind the scenes to make it all unfold in a seamless manner, and our Board Meeting Host Committee did its magic (including a welcome basket provided for each out-of-towner). A special thanks to Jim Hunt, George Slaughter, and Jocelyn Williams for their leadership in organizing a wonderful, memorable weekend for the STC Society officials in Houston . We look forward to the Board's return sometime soon.

Photos of the Reception for the STC Board of Directors

by Deborah Long, Courseware Editor, BMC Software Business School

From left to right, STC Houstonian Melanie G. Flanders, STC President Andrea Ames, Region 5 Director-Sponsor Linda Oestreich, and STC Houstonian Donna Marcotte enjoy a moment at the welcome reception. Melanie was named STC Associate Fellow at the reception, along with Pat Bishop, not pictured.


STC Houstonian Bill Gearhart, left, welcomes STC Executive Director Peter Herbst and Region 4 Director-Sponsor Robert Dianetti to the reception. Peter is based in Arlington, Virginia, where the STC office is located. Robert is from Hudson, Ohio.


STC Associate Fellow Jim Hunt, STC Treasurer Mary Jo Stark, and Assistant to the President/Technology Doug Woestendiek were among the dignitaries at the reception. Mary Jo is based in Denver, and Doug is based in Connecticut.



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