Vol 44, Issue 4

March/April 2005

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From the President

Thank You!

Cindy Pao, Information Developer, BMC Software, Inc.

Friday, February 4 was the annual awards banquet. It was spectacular! The company, the service, and the food were unbelievable. I had such a good time!

Being a part of such a big event is such an honor for me. So many people put in time and–let's just say it–work so that everyone could have a good time.

Our chapter does that all the time. People plan, organize, execute, and clean up. In this column, I'm going to thank everyone I can think of for their dedication to this organization.

Starting Last Spring…

Thanks (English) to last year's nominating committee: Verna Dunn, Pat Bishop, and Paul Mueller.

Muchas gracias (Spanish), last year's Admin Council: Jocelyn Williams, Monica Waddell, Wayne Schmadeka, Rebecca Taylor, Phaedra Cook, David Remson, Nicole Wycislo, Danell Landes, Erika Frensley, Robin Jackson, and George Slaughter.

Then in the Summer…

Xie xie (Mandarin Chinese), this year's Admin Council: Nicole Wycislo, Monica Waddell, David Remson, Lisa Alvarado, Melissa Britt, Mary Gwynne, Linda King, Angela Livingston, Jennifer Smith, and Rebecca Taylor.

And Through to the End of This Program Year

Merci beaucoup (French), Linda King, John Turner, Angela Livingston, Jessica Dickerson, Verna Dunn, and Lori Buffum, for your work on the monthly program meetings.

Go raibh maith agat (Gaelic), Mary Gwynne, JoCarol Gau, and Mac Katzin for your work with all of the volunteers who have come forward to make our chapter better.

Danke schön (German), Angela Livingston and John Turner, for arranging locations for some of our chapter functions.

Kamsa hamnida (Korean), Deborah Silvi, for serving as our Historian.

PILAMAYAYE (Lakota), Mike Wessles for working on our chapter processes.

Evharisto (Greek), Rebecca Taylor, Karen Graber, Joy Owen, Erica Thomas, Jean Cameron, Jimmy Killingsworth, Jackie Palmer, Morgan Kelley, Maricarmen Foster, Melanie Flanders, and George Slaughter, for your work for the Brazos Valley satellite.

Mahalo (Hawaiian), Marilyn Barrett-O'Leary, Steve Brunet, Charlotte Curtis, and Elise Hagan, for your work for the Louisiana satellite.

Toda raba (Hebrew), Jocelyn Williams, for managing the CIC SIG. Hvala (Serbian), Jocelyn Williams and all of your speakers, for the CIC-SIG STK.

Bahut Shoukriah (Hindi), Ann Jennings, Molly Johnson, and Lloyd Shuh, for working with your students to introduce them to STC and help them get involved.

Grazie (Italian), Ann Liggio, for keeping STC involved in the community.

Domo arigatou (Japanese), John Reynolds, for your work on our chapter online directory and mailing labels.

Kob chie (Laotian), Lisa Alvarado, Linda King, Deborah Long, the Integrity Group, Jocelyn Williams, and Trena Fellers, for working on the mechanics of the competitions. Takk (Norwegian), to all of the following judges: Rob Weaver, Karen Farrell, Erika Frensley, Jessica Dickerson, Jim Casey, Veronica Davila, Mark Stevens, Maricarmen Foster, Morgan Kelley, Jan Brantley, George Slaughter, Lori Buffum, Alyssa Fox, April McAnespy, Meredith Tabor, Susan Tacker, Patricia Golemon, William D. Rizer, Anne Wollam, Jocelyn Williams, Lisa Alvarado, Louise Horton, Crystal Rawls, Dean Liscum, Cheri Mullins, Mary Gwynne, Sandra Rybarczyk, Camden Coyle, Deborah Long, Karen J. Ball, Peter French, Ross Doyle, Debora Fisher, Adam Questell, Julie Hamilton, Jessie de Jong, Melanie G. Flanders, Patrick Wilson, Rick Sanchez, Trena Fellers, Aimee Kendall, Lisetta Lavy, Yvonne Wade Sanchez, and Patrick Rockecharlie. Whew!

Dziekuje bardzo (Polish), Gary Foster and Terry Lindsay, for managing the Employment Committee. Spasibo (Russian) to the following individuals for their work on the Employment STK: Gary and Anella Foster, Lori Schaub, Terry Devlin, George Slaughter, Jocelyn Williams, Linda Price, Jewel Darby, Ron Kirk, David Woody, and Susan May.

Fa'afetai (Samoan), Yvonne Wade Sanchez and Lisetta Lavy, for your service on the Membership committee.

Mahadsanid (Somali), Anne Smith, for administering a mean listserv.

Tack (Swedish), Erika Frensley, Brandon Plunkett, Erica Thomas, and Royce Hogan, for your work on the web sites for our chapter and satellites.

Kabkoon krup (Thai), Judie Guy, for answering the chapter telephone line.

Tesekk ür ederim (Turkish), George Slaughter, Jocelyn Williams, and Jim Hunt, for showing the STC Board a good time during their meetings in Houston.

Dyakuyu (Ukrainian), Deborah Silvi, Jim Hunt, Pat Bishop, Deoborah Long, and Paul Mueller, for working on changes to the chapter bylaws.

Cam ôn (Vietnamese), Paul Mueller, Lee Turner, and Tom Howard, this year's Nominating Committee.

A Very Special Thanks

There are two special groups that I want to thank, and they are my newsletter and publicity crews! They have done so much this year, and they're still at it! THANK YOU, Linda Branam, Cathy Bettoney, Melanie Boston, Jamie Diamandopoulos, Jim Hunt, Laura Johnson, Erica Hoskins, and Jewel Darby. Thanks, Luette Arrowsmith and Tanya Handy, we miss you!

I Don't Want to Leave Anyone Out

I apologize in advance to anyone I've left off of my list. Please, don't take it personally. Blame it on my faulty bookkeeping, and send me an e-mail pointing out my error.

I'll thank anyone I missed—by name—in my next column.


So much of what happens in STC Houston involves teamwork. I feel the teamwork when I come in to any event, and it makes me proud. I'm especially proud when someone tells me how much they enjoyed or learned at an event because I can tell them that a great team is responsible for it.

Last Thoughts

To my crew from the banquet —Jocelyn Williams, Lori Buffum, Deborah Long, Ann Jennings, Linda King , Jennifer Smith, Terry Lambert, Mary Gwynne, and Paul Pao: You inspired me to write this column. YOU ROCK!

I realize that my column this time around is long. But that's good, isn't it? Just look at how many people I get to thank this year!

The year isn't over yet, either. I'll get to thank a lot more people by the end of June.

Is there something you'd like me to address in this column? Send an e-mail to president@stc-houston.org.

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